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My favorite travel essentials

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Travel has a big impact. But you can at least reduce some of your footprint.
When you know where you are going, you can check on the local situation when it comes to recycling, etc. Most of the loved holiday destinations are in undeveloped countries and you can be sure in most places they don’t have all the systems you might have at home. Sewage treatment? Most likely no, often it goes straight into the ocean. What you can do? Bring natural soap and shampoo! -Landfills? Mostly not even available at all. Or they might be too close to the ocean or in the middle of a beautiful rainforest. What you can do? Reduce your trash. Pack in what you pack out (leave no trace). You get where I am going.

So by reducing trash (or taking our plastic trash back home again), using natural soap, reef-safe sunscreen, take public transport, book local bed and breakfast instead of resorts. Buy on local markets, avoid animal attractions, use reusables instead of single use. If you stay in private apartments, bring your cotton dish scrub, etc. you can at least lessen the impact of your travel (I wrote a longer blog post about all this already, check it our by clicking here.)

But now I like to show you my favorite travel essentials. From cotton towels, to my reusable bags, natural sandals, etc…

I only recommend products I own or products that are very similar to ones that own. I do also recommend a few products I find really great and are essential if you want to avoid plastic or some products  friends of mine can recommend.

Save drinking water is important. By bringing a filter bottle like lifestraw** oder water-to-go**, you can drink from all kind of fresh water resources: tap (even when it is stated unsafe), lakes, rivers, etc.

Bring your reusable bottle and refill wherever you can. 

No more plastic micro fibers get into the ocean when you are washing this bamboo towel during your beach holiday!

I travel with a foldable silicone container. I love that it is foldable and light. Perfect for a visit at the night market to get some street food.

If you don’t like silicone, this stainless steel lunch box is the right choice for you. Lunch to go, or take away without any single use packaging.

If you need to fly, be careful with stainless steel cutlery in your carry on. Some securities dont let this go on board with you. Bamboo is a safer travel buddy here.

To reduce the amount of paper napkins going to landfill, get some reusable ones instead.

To avoid single use plastic or styrofoam cups in coffee shops, for smoothies, or fresh juices on markets, bring your own cup! (and straw)

No more flip flops for me since I know that they often can be a little toxic, and I just found too many on beach clean ups already…

My favorite pair of sandals so far are these from Birkenstock.. I walked so many miles in them already. You need a few days to break them in, but then they are amazing! 

I found too many straws on beaches already. Bring your own reusable straw and refuse single use plastic straws… A coconut on the beach tastes better with a stainless steel straw for sure 🙂

Yes, I bring my reusable bags and mesh produce bags with me when I travel. To buy groceries, get fruits on markets, buy souvenirs, carry my stuff to the beach or picknick stuff to the park. So many situations where you can refuse a plastic bags with a reusable one.

They come handy when buying fruits on the market, or nuts from street vendors. They normally only offer plastic bags only. So being prepared makes it easy to reduce plastic bags getting washed into the ocean from landfills.

Natural, biodegradable soap and shampoo for your holidays! No need to use those tiny plastic bottles from hotels. And makes it even easier to travel with because it is not liquid!

Refuse single use cotton make up pads and bring a few reusable ones with you.
These beauties will save a lot of trash and money.

Reef safe sunscreen is very important when you are on a beach holiday! Ingredients in conventional sunscreen is harmful for coral reefs and wildlife. On a turtle beach at the Rivera Maya in Mexico turtles already developed cancer because of too much stress and harmful sunscreen in the water from all the tourist every year. Read more here!

If you like to travel light, a collapsible cup will be the right one for you. Easy to travel with, light to carry around, different size and colors available. No need to use single use cups anymore ever…

Mosquito repellent  is a must have in many regions. I made my own when I lived in Mexico (click here for the DIY). But if you don’t like to make your own look out for a natural spray

A great alternative to plastic deo roll ons are solid deodorant bars. Easy to use, aluminium free, and easy to carry around. This one is even baking soda free.

You could also make your own spray deodorant and reuse and old mosquito repellent bottle like I did. (Click here for the DIY-recipe)

Is a trend already. Not sure if that’s because of the plastic crisis though;) But a great alternative to plastic glasses. Just remember: micro fiber cloths are made from plastic too, so if you find glasses without  micro fiber cloth included, even better!

Plastic toothbrushes are a common found on beach clean ups too. And I guess not because humans like to brush teeth on the beach but because they get washed into the ocean from landfills…. Be on the safe side with a bamboo brush, plastic free floss** that can’t strangle wild life, and toothpaste powder** in a jar.

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