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Zero waste travel essentials for camping, hiking, roadtripping or hotel holidays

Travel has a big impact. But you can at least reduce some of your footprint. 
(Click here to read more about sustainable travel: Responsible travel guide)

With these zero waste travel essentials you will be able to reduce the trash you are making, doesn’t´matter if at your lunch break, while traveling or hiking.

It doesn’t matter if you are camping, staying in hotels, through hiking, backpacking, on home vacation or road tripping, a few things are easy to implement whatever you are doing.

Know where you are going

When you know where you are going, you can check on the local situation when it comes to recycling, trash disposal, water treatment, etc. 

Most of the loved holiday destinations are in undeveloped countries and you can be sure in most places they don’t have all the systems you might have at home. 

Sewage treatment? Most likely no, often it goes straight into the ocean. What you can do? Bring natural soap and shampoo! 

Safe trash disposal and landfills? In some countries not even available at all. Or they might be too close to the ocean or in the middle of a beautiful rainforest. What you can do? Reduce your trash. Pack in what you pack out (leave no trace). You get where I am going.

Change your habits

So by reducing trash (or taking our plastic trash back home again)
-using natural soap*,
reef-safe sunscreen,
-take public transport,
-book local bed and breakfast instead of resorts
-buy on local markets and bring your reusable bags, 
-avoid any kind of animal attractions, 
-use reusables instead of single use.
-if you stay in private apartments, bring your cotton dish scrub, etc. you can at least lessen the impact of your travel (I wrote a longer blog post about all this already, check it out by clicking
-if you are backpacking, through hiking or on a multi day hike and you are getting into town: use your reusables!! Use it when you are getting take away, ice cream, coffee to go, etc! You are carrying them with you anyway, so why not use them even when in town?!

But now I like to show you some of my favorite travel essentials. From cotton towels, to my reusable bags, natural sandals, etc…

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