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Zero Waste Living Germany

Since Zero Waste Stores pop up like mushrooms in the woods, Zero Waste living is getting easier and easier in Germany. At least if you are lucky to live in a city with a Zero Waste Store.

It is very common in most coffee shops that you can bring your own cup and container for food for take away (if you order for here most places always serve with reusables.). They even started a reusable program for coffee and one for food, where the resaurants and cafes offer reusable cups and container for a refund and you can then bring them back to any place that does participate. The reusable coffee cup program offers places country wide! So you can even get a coffee to go at a participating cafe at the trainstation, travel cross the country and then give back or get a refill in the next city. More informations here:

From 2023 on all bigger resaurants and cafes need to offer a reusable option for their customers all around Germany.

Tap water is safe to drink, it is mostly very easy to get baking goods from the bakery in your reusable bags. We have a lot of drinks in glass bottles and organic stores and farmers markets are very open to serve you and your reusable container.

You will find a lot of unpackaged fresh produce everywhere, paper packaging is common for a lot of products and glass too (oil, sauces, vinegar, etc.).

In neighborhoods where there is a turkish community you will most likely find a nut store where they have bulk and you can either get a paper bag or bring your own bag.

While in other European Countries its still common to have bulk in supermarkets or farmers markets, this is not so common in Germany anymore. So its great to see more and more zero waste stores opening around the country.

Coffee to Go in my reusable Cup
Bread Rolls in my bag

Zero Waste Stores

In every bigger City you will find at least one zero waste store by know. In the smaller cities like in other countries, not that much.

Just google “zero waste berlin” and you’ll find plenty of informations, thats why I don’t bother to make a list 😀

In the north german town Kiel, you will find the first Zero Waste Store that opened in Germany in 2014 already! The owner opened it after she attended a Bea Johnson Event! How awesome. 
Awesome range of products. From grains, herbs, oil, Whisky, sausages, cheese, chocolate, fresh produce, you will find everything in this little gem.
Unverpackt Kiel

You can also buy bulk and plastic free online. One store is mein-müsli-laden there you can choose a plastic free packaging for your order.

You can also rescue food by ordering from sir-plus. Its not package free, but they rescue food before it gets dumped. So a great initiative…

Farmers Market Brandenburg
Bulk shopping zero waste store
Zero Waste Shop Kiel


Curbside recycling everwhere.
A bin for paper, a bin or bag for plastic/cans, public glass container. Compost bins should theoretically be available in every household (its the law) BUT strangely in a few neighborhoods they dont have any… Don’t ask me why…

You can bring electronic devices to the big electronic shops they take them for recycling.

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