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Zero waste shopping around the world!

It is possible to do zero waste shopping or at least plastic free/plastic reduced shopping all around the world.
Scroll down to read about my zero waste travel experiences from Montreal, to Playa Del Carmen, St. Petersburg, Prague, Riga, NYC&LA, Cyprus and more….

Farmers markets are a common sight everywhere, bulk stores are common in many countries too.

From Berlin, Toronto, Bangkok, Bali, etc…

Ambitious people  who want to cut plastic and waste out of the daily life, are opening Zero Waste Stores around the Globe.
At least in bigger Cities you might find a Zero Waste Store or a Bulk Store to buy unpackaged goods and bring your reusable bags and jars.
Since I am living low waste I’ve been to many Countries and Cities. I experienced that it’s possible to avoid a lot of plastic everywhere. Even if there is no zero waste store around.

If you don’t have one in your city yet have a look at my article here about some tips and tricks how to avoid plastic packaging in a normal supermarket.

You can also order some things online in Bulk or plastic free. Even nuts, grains, dried fruits, etc can be ordered online without plastic.

There are zero waste online shops like life-without-plastic who will send your orders plastic free ( no food, only other items).

 With other online shops like Etsy or amazon or any other make sure to write to the retailer and request no plastic wrapping, ask them to use alternatives like paper… Some conventional shops are really supportive when it comes to reducing plastic, others don’t.

How to find unpackaged options:

There are a few great apps, location finder for Zero Waste Stores like the one from 

If you can’t find stores easily online, go check out farmers markets and differents supermarkets and organic stores to see what they offer.
And do some research on social media. Find facebook groups with names like Zero waste “insertthecityyouarelookingfor”hashtags like #zerowaste(insertcityname) and look for inspiring topic related profiles and drop them a message. Most people are very very happy to help you with their knowledge about their city!

If you like to contribute with knowledge about Zero Waste shopping and living in your town feel free to contac us!

Zero Waste Store Montreal
Take Away with my Reusables

Zero Waste Shopping Around the World

Zero Waste in Cyprus

Read about my experiences about Zero Waste in Cyprus:
>Low waste, vegan living in Cyprus

Zero Waste shopping in Prague

Zero Waste shopping in Riga

Zero Waste Shopping Canada

Bulk shopping zero waste store
Zero waste Shop in Kiel
Central market in Riga
Bulk options in Tallin, Estonia

Zero Waste in St. Petersburg Russia

Zero Waste Shopping Germany

Zero Waste Shopping Mexico - Playa Del Carmen

-> Zero Waste Travel Mexico (Playa Del Carmen)

Mexico City

Go look out for all the amazing markets!!! You will find fruits and veggies and I’ve seen beans and lentils too at El Mercado de Medellin.
On the streets of Mexico City you will find stalls selling nuts in bulk and a lot of sweets too. Just tell them friendly that you like to use your own bag. Bring your own container for bakery goods and street food and your reusable cup for drinks too.
Supermarkets have loads of unwrapped fresh produce too.

Bulk in Playa Del Carmen
Awesome plastic free fresh produce
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