Zero waste kitchen

Zero waste/plastic free kitchen

These are some of my favorite zero waste kitchen essentials.
If you are looking to  buy new products I always recommend searching thrift stores, flea markets or asking your grandparents for tips.
If you’d like to find more informations about the products, click on the pictures.  

I only recommend products I own or products that are very similar to the ones that I own. But I also like to recommend products I find really handy when it comes to avoid plastic or some products  friends of mine can recommend. 

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No more single use paper filter needed

Bamboo, wood and stainless steel is the safer way to cook. No melted spatula in your kitchen anymore.

Storage Jars

Great storage for your grains, nuts, cookies, etc…

Refuse the single use paper or plastic bag from the bakery  with this hemp-cotton bag.

Beeswax wrap

Avoid plastic foil and get some amazing reusable beeswax wrap instead.

No more plastic scented boiled water if you use a stainless steel one instead.

The conventional scrub is plastic and shed micro plastic when you use it. Get this cotton one instead!

Wooden cutting boards are more hygienic and vo worries about micro plastic.

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