Natural makeup and a zero waste beauty routine

Zero waste, natural make up and removal: 5 Tips for a greener beauty routine

I don’t use a lot of make up anymore. I did though when I was younger.
I always used single use cotton pads, nail polish, I had heaps of different eye shadows (most of the colors maybe used once a year). 

Since I now feel more comfortable in my own skin (I talk only about me here, this might be different for everybody) I don’t need to hide behind a lot makeup anymore. Yes, I did when I was younger…. But now I don’t use makeup anymore.

Simple beauty routine

I do use some mascara or eye liner once in a while and the only things I need to remove them is coconut oil and my cotton cloth.
I wash my face with water and a little bit of soap in the evening and use coconut oil, that I can find in bulk or in glass jars in every supermarket, or other natural oils like almond, olive as lotion for my body and face. Simple. 
I have dry and sensitive skin, and coconut oil has been the best for me so far. 

So my beauty routine is simple: my solid soap bar to clean my face, coconut oil as body and face lotion, sometimes a bit mascara and my reusable cloth and warm water or a little oil to remove the mascara. If I have any pimples I use some tea-tree oil. 

Make the happiest choice

I couldn’t find any affordable organic mascara without plastic yet, so my mascara is in plastic, but vegan and organic. My eyeliner is a wooden one, unfortunately with a plastic cap, I guess because of hygienic reasons. I wouldn’t mind to have then like a pencil though. Not sharpened when I buy them, and then they wouldn’t need a cap right? Maybe they exist somewhere, I had had no luck yet. (Let me know if you know of some).

I know a few brands are starting with refillable container/bottles now, but they were nothing for my budget at the moment.

You should definitely check the Etsy online platform though. I know there are women making natural mascara that you can get in a small jar and then just use an old mascara brush to put it on your lashes.

What to do with your old stuff?: You can send your old mascara brush to wild life animal shelter! They need them to clean feathers or fur from small animals. So check if there is a wild life organization in your area that might need them. I heard about this the first time from this wild life organization here:

I will update this section along my journey to share all the plastic free, cruelty free makeup products I will find. If you have any favorites feel free to tell us about them in the comments.

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