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Zero waste beauty routine for travel and camping: 5 easy tips

You are packing your bag for your next trip (whether this is backpacking, camping, roadtripping…) and annoyed with all the plastic, and small bottles and don’t really know what to take with you for your zero waste beauty routine?

A Zero Waste Beauty Routine is not only easier for travel but also for your daily life. 

Simple zero waste beauty routine for traveling 

– I wash my face with water and a little bit of soap (solid soap bar) in the evening and mostly use coconut oil, that I can find in bulk or in glass jars in every supermarket, or other natural oils like almond, olive as lotion for my body and face. Simple.

– I have dry and sensitive skin, and coconut oil has been the best for me so far. 

– A bamboo toothbrush and toothpaste tablets to brush my teeth.

– Shampoo bar for my hair.

– I use some organic mascara and eye liner only very rarely (always buying organic vegan brands) and the only things I need to remove them is water, soap, coconut oil for mascara and my cotton cloth.

– If I need peeling when traveling, I use what I have in the kitchen: Oil and sugar or salt. 

5 tips for a greener beauty routine when traveling, camping and your daily life:

  1. keep it simple
  2. use reusables (wash cloth, wipes, make up removal pads, menstrual cup…)
  3. use plastic free products (q-tips with paper shaft, micro plastic free toothpaste and peelings…
  4. switch to natural-organic beauty products
  5. solid soap, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant is easier to carry with you. No more tiny plastic bottles and no chance for spills in your backpack. If you have small plastic bottles that are able to get refilled: keep them for all future travels.

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