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Your Zero Waste Bathroom

Your zero waste bathroom

Look around your bathroom and count the plastic products you can see on first sight:
plastic bottles, plastic toothbrush, plastic hair brush, plastic toothpaste, plastic micro beads in the peeling, disposable plastic razor, etc.

Conventional plastic made out of a nonrenewable material called petroleum/fossile fuel, and the drilling for this material is already harming our environment. Plastic is also a material made to last forever, mostly made for single use products, pollutes our soil and water when it ends up on landfill or the ocean.

Not only the packaging can be harmful, the ingredients can be too.

Did you know that they sometimes use plastic micro beads in tooth paste, soap and peelings? Or have you ever wondered what actually is in your body lotion or make up? How it is produced? Tested on animals?

Our skin is the biggest organ we have. It absorbs everything we put on it quickly and it goes straight into our blood. I heard that a woman nowadays put about 500 chemicals on their skin every day! 

Synthetic ingredients can be harmful for the environment.
E.g. a lot of conventional sunscreens are dangerous for coral reefs and ocean wild life. In touristic spots turtles and fish are developing cancer, not only because they are stressed with all the people but also because a lot of ingredients in synthetic sunscreens are harmful!

What you can do? 

You can be mindful about the products you buy. Get informed and try to buy the natural/organic products rather than the conventional ones. You could also make your own products easily….

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