Zero Waste Basics

A few basics can make it much easier to reduce and refuse disposable plastics in your daily life.

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It can be very frustrating when facing all the single use plastics in the daily life. With just a few basics it will become very easy though to refuse single use plastics and reduce your trash footprint.

As usual I like to say: look if you have something you can use in your house already, or find it second hand before you purchase something new. 

Reusable bag

One easy step to make is to bring your own bag for grocery shopping and other shopping. You can find bags made from recycled plastic, hemp, bamboo or like this one made of organic cotton from my own sustainable brand

Water Bottle

My water bottle is always with me. I refill at refill stations, ask in coffee shops and bakeries or refill from tap in the bathroom. Easiest way to refuse disposable plastic bottles and save money.

Glass jars

Glass jars are awesome as a reusable coffee cup, or reusable lemonade cup.
It is very useful for bulk shopping and make even a great container for leftovers after a restaurant visit. 

Stainless steel spork

Perfect for hiking or carrying in your handbag. Lightweight and durable stainless steel spork with a bottle opener.

Bamboo utensil set

Perfect set for traveling. You will have no problems to get through security when carrying this set with you to take a plane.

Stainless steel straws

With these straws you’ll never need any single use plastic straw again! Order “No Straw Please” with confidence and drink your drinks with style!
(Set: 2 straight, two bend straws and a brush)

Insulated Tumbler

Perfect for coffee or tea to go: Get an insulated cup.You can choose between different brands, sizes and lids.

Stainless steel container for lunch and food to go. No more nasty chemicals will leach into your food here.


How to avoid all the single use paper hankies? With reusable, washable  napkins or hankies made from organic cotton (GOTS certified).


Bags for veggies and bulk

How to refuse lightweight plastic bags in the supermarket? Bring these reusable mesh and bulk bags with you and your all set!

Reusable Napkins

As a kid I always loved that I got my own pair of reusable napkin at my grandparents place. And now I always carry a pair in my bag with me to avoid single use paper napkins.

Foldable shopping bag

Lightweight shopping bag that fits inevery handbag or jacket pocket easily. Made from upcycled parachute material. Tree Tribe even plants 10 trees on every sale!!!

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