Zero waste: 21 easy low impact tips

If you look at your daily life, you will find heaps of opportunities to lower your impact. And your personal possibilities and changes might look different than mine.

When we look at lowering our impact we should not forget that we all live different lives, in different cities and countries, with different abilities and budgets.

This is something I really learned while traveling. We tend to live in our bubbles and get mad about people who don’t do it the same way than we do, because we forget that it might not even be possible for everyone.

But I am also a firm believer that we all can do something! We all can change something! We all can lower our footprint one way or another! Doesn’t matter who you are or where you live.

Small changes, step by step

Start with something that is easy for you and then go forward from there. Some people start with food, others with packaging. The bathroom might be first for some of you and the kitchen for others.

Don`t get overwhelmed! Well I promise you will be overwhelmed in the beginning, if you are just starting and face all the trash in the first place;) but I also promise that it will become easier quicker than you think. With routine everything becomes easier.

But try not to let others pressure you into something…. or try and pressure others into something….

21 tips for a lower daily impact:

Starting to lower your impact could be one or more or a little bit of everything from:

  1. using a reusable bottle and refill from tap- use a filter bottle for travel or hiking
  2. choosing soap and shampoo bars instead of plastic bottled soap and shampoo
  3. switching to clean energy companies or installing solar panels on your own roof
  4. choose public transport or take the bike whenever possible
  5. buy organic and/or local produce
  6. don’t waste food and buy expired food and „ugly/old“ fresh produce
  7. eat more plant based and less meat, dairy and fish or become a vegetarian or vegan
  8. refuse single use plastic (tips how to buy plastic free in supermarkets)
  9. reduce all kind of single use packaging
  10. buying second hand
  11. choosing natural fibers and organic cotton for clothing
  12. fly less (read about my train travel through the Balkans and from LA to NYC)
  13. Travel more responsible and mindful (Responsible Travel Guide)
  14. make your garden/balcony bee friendly again
  15. recycle what can be recycled (Don´t ask your favorite Influencer, ask your local waste facility what belongs into the recycling bin. It is so different from town to town, country to country.)
  16. organize or join clean ups
  17. save water and electricity – showering cold also has health benefits
  18. use a bamboo toothbrush
  19. use mineral sunscreen (I use Rawelements)
  20. use biodegradable/eco friendly washing powder (eco-friendly cleaning)
  21. wash your synthetics by hand or use a guppyfriend washing bag….

Wait what? A Guppyfriend washing bag? Sounds weird? It does, but it is a great item to stop micro plastic fibers getting washed down the drain. You can read more about the bag in my review here-> Guppyfriend washing bag review

Kajaking in Germany
Rawelements Sunscreen on my face
laundry on the line and the guppyfriend washing bag
Guppyfriend washing bag and airdrying the laundry

Humans are not made to be perfect!

 And yeah I am far away from perfect… But hell yeah I can always make my happiest choice 😉 !⁠⁠ And yes, my happiest choice can look different from yours, and that is OK.

“I actually do nothing huge, just a handful of small things. I started with one easy thing (Soap bars and reusable bags for fresh produce) and then added another and another and now all this is normal. It might sound like a lot for somebody who is just starting out, but it will become a habit if you continuously do something.  And habits are nothing more than actions you just do without thinking.” Jule-

Tell me in the comments what I miss to mention or what you personally are doing already on a daily basis to lower your impact:

Organic Basics Underwear
I Love the Organic Basics Under- and Activewear!
hiking in a bog in estonia
Hiking in Estonia

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