Vegan Bagel Recipe

Easy and delicious vegan Bagel Recipe

I know a lot of people live in areas where they can’t find affordable unpackaged bread and need to buy plastic wrapped ones from the supermarket. As a European, grown up in Germany where it is easy to get affordable bread package free everywhere this was hard to believe at first.
But while traveling through northern America… yeah I believe it now…
But with a few easy recipes it is just so easy to make your own. 

Or if you don’t feel comfortable with baking at all, get a small bread baking machine and get paper packaged bread mix and there you go. 

You want to reduce and refuse plastic but on every grocery shopping trip you just can’t find affordable unpackaged bread? Or you don’t want to eat so much wheat but can’t find wheat free bread? Or the gluten free bread is just too expensive?

Make it yourself! Baking is easy after a couple of try outs, and you will see it will be most likely cheaper and so much tastier.

I just started to make bagels again this week.
I owned a coffee shop once and baked bagels every single day. 
Haven’t done that in a while though and wasn’t sure if I am still good enough to do so. Well it actually was like driving a bike after a couple of years of not driving one. It was easy peasy and I am sooo happy I did it! It is just so delicious and I love the smell of fresh baked goods in the kitchen.

Give it a try!

I don’t want to lie, it took me a few try outs when I opened the coffee shop a couple years ago until they turned out great (before that they didn’t look good, but they were still edible though 😉
So if they don’t turn out perfect on you first try don’t get frustrated, just give it another try…

If you know you won’t eat all of the bagels the day you make them, just freeze them after they are cold. They are amazing if you take them out of the freezer and bake them.
You can also just pour a bit of water on top of an one day old bagel and then bake for a couple minutes in your oven at 180 degrees. They will taste and feel like a fresh one.

Homemade vegan (spelt) bagel 


  • 500 g spelt flour (you can take normal wheat flour if you like)
  • 20 g yeast (dissolved in 20ml of lukewarm water)
  • 2 tbsp oil (olive, sunflower or rapeseed..)
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 150 ml water
  • a baking tray and a reusable baking sheet or baking paper (without anything they always got stuck to the baking tray)

1)Pour the flour into a bowl.

2) Dissolve the yeast in luke warm water and pour into the flour.

3) Oil and salt and half of the water too.

4) Mix with a fork or with your hands. I like to mix it with a fork first because it is so sticky in the beginning. If it is not too sticky anymore I pour everything onto my working table and knead by hand.

5) Pour a little bit of water to the dough and knead. If it is not sticky but good to knead you don’t need more water. If the dough is too hard use more water. If it then might get too sticky use a little more flour….

Knead knead knead….

6) Knead for a couple of minutes (about 4-5) until you have a soft but non sticky dough. A good yeast dough needs good kneading… If you’ve done it a couple times you will know when the dough feels right. In the beginning my dough was often a little too hard and not soft enough and I got very hard bagels… so give it a few times and you’ll know.

7) Then back into the bowl and cover with a towel. Let it sit and rest for 40-45 minutes at a warm place (under bed sheets or under/on a radiator/oven).

8) When the dough almost doubled take it back to your working place and knead it again for 1-2 minutes (you might need a bit of flour). 

9) Then form a dough snake and split into 8 pieces. Then roll the bagels. In my tutorial on youtube you can see how I do that.

10) Let them rest while you get some water to boil in a big pot. And preheat the oven to 180 degrees celcius.

Water “bath”

11) Then cook one bagel after another in the boiling water for 1.5-2 minutes (depending on the pot size you can also cook 2-3 at a time) . You can see the bagel get’s a little bigger in size. 

12) Take them out of the water and put them onto the baking tray.

13) If all of them are cooked, bake them for 15-20 minutes until goldne brown. It depends on your oven, older ones might take a little longer).

14) If you knock at the bottom of the bagel and you can hear a hollow sound, the bagels are ready!

15) Let them cool a little before you eat them. Or freeze them for another day after they are cooled down.

Top with your favorites and enjoy!

16) I topped my bagel this time with a vegan spread, cooked carrot slices, cucumber, tomato and a bit mustard.

17) My vegan burger pattie recipe and vegan mayonnaise would be a great “topping” for your homemade bagel too 😉 

If you try the recipe I would be happy to see some of you sharing on social media and tagging me so I can see how it turned out! 🙂

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