Don’t know what to do during the Coronavirus Lockdown? Stay positive…

I feel like I am living in a bad movie... you too?

Wow, some intense last few days, for some already weeks right? 
Coronavirus Crisis… Lock downs, shut-downs…. Travel warnings… Borders closings…

The world is kind of upside down…. a lot of people never experienced anything like this Coronavirus Situation before, and are insecure and unsure what to do.

I hope you are and your family is ok, safe and healthy.

My partner and I had booked a flight from Germany to Mexico for today but since our government called a worldwide travel warning, and since the world wide situation is so very sensitive and unknown and insecure and we don’t want to be potentially spreaders of the virus so sure, there was no real discussion, we are staying in Germany for the next couple of weeks… Grateful that we both work online already and still have work. 

During days of  Coronavirus quarantine or lockdown or shutdown or ….. it is important to stay positive.
Depending on where you are you might have a lot of time right now? Maybe you can’t go to work or school? Or you are doing home office?

Staying positive is harder for some than other for sure. I know some people are already struggling with money before this crisis and will have greater problems now, and will have it harder to think positive and feel positive, but I still want to talk about how we can try to make the best out of this situation.  

And please feel free to share all your own tips and stories below, I would love to hear where you are at the moment, how you all are doing, how you are trying to stay positive…

Following just a few inspirations how we could stay positive during the Coronavirus lockdown:

Stay at home, help others and keep a distance

In troubled times it is a normal human behavior that we like to cuddle and spread love and comfort with being close to each other… Well this is excatly what we shouldn’t do right now. Crazy right? To spread love and comfort at the moment it is important to keep a distance! How hard to leave grandparents alone… or chronic ill people… 

How lucky are we that we live in a very well connected world this moment? Facetime, skype, Emails, whatsapp, all these electronical technical things now are really handy to keep in touch and keep a distance while keeping in contact at the same time.

  • Call your loved ones and friends more often.
  • Use skype and face time to see each other.
  • Talk through the windows to each other.
  •  If you know you have older neighbors or sick neighbors offer your help to buy groceries, check in everyday if they are ok, etc…. But yes, please keep a distance…
  • If you are a musician, or just love to play the guitar or other instruments, and you are in a real shutdown maybe do it like the italians, play some happy music for your neighbourhood 🙂
  • Or if you know a friend is in a financial crisis maybe you can give some food….or money..

Read the news but don't get stuck


This will make you crazy! 

Yes, stay informed, it is important to know what`s going on, what to do, etc. but maybe limit the news to twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Staying positive is the most important thing now! So don´t read the news before you go to bed, end the day with writing down three positive things. This could be what you are grateful for, or a positive thing you experienced this day. (the sun was shining, birds singing, somebody helped you, an old friend contacted you, etc…)

And if you read news, etc. please make sure not to read and believe fake news. Listen to the official sites, virologists, etc. Don’t believe everything that any anonymous blogger say… It is very important NOT to spread fake news. This is important every day but essential in a crisis….

Empty cities can be so beautiful

Look at the positive side effects

How beautiful is a city with less traffic and less noise?

The air is getting cleaner /less pollution) because less people drive cars, travel, etc…
In Venice, since the mass tourism and the whole  social life is on hold, they almost instantly noticed the water in the canals is much cleaner, fish are showing up and even some dolphins got spotted that came closer… 

The air above China and Italy is way cleaner than before.

Isnt that fantastic? It is a very needed break for nature! Try and focus on those news when you feel down!

Focus on the things you CAN control

What many of us do is to focus on things we CAN`T control….  

What is better? To start focussing on things you CAN control! 

You can’t control what’s happening outside. 
You can´t control what kind of lockdowns are happening right now.
You can´t control that some people dont take it serious and dont take responsibility…

But you can control what you buy in the supermarket (focus on the healthy foods).
You can control what you do and if you like to take responsibility and stay home.
You can control how you feel and how much news you consume.
You can control to not take this personally: Like if you can’t go on holiday right now? Seriously is this the biggest problem now? and does this crisis happen because YOU wanted to go? NO!….

Your health

It is important to fuel your body right. Always. 
To prevent overweight and Illnesses like Diabetes, etc. 

So always boost your immune system. 

  • Get all the vitamin filled fruits and veggies you can get. And yes, frozen fruits and veggies are great too because they instantly get frozen after harvested, so yes they still have all the nutrients.
  • Try new recipes, bake bread for the first time, try the new vegan recipes you always wanted to, learn about macros and healthy fats, or low carb*, and plant protein, it is now you have the time for that 😉
  • If you don’t have a shutdown where you shouldn’t go outside at all besides shopping, and you aren´t in quarantine, go outside regularly for a walk or run or a short bike ride. But yes, stay away from crowds these days and keep the 1.5meter distance to others and to family and friends too.
  • Do some yoga* or HIIT. Easy to do at home, don’t need much space and there are heaps of free videos on youtube for that. I even made one HIIT video last year in Croatia 😀 Check it out 😉 -> 16 minute body-weight training
  • You live somewhere where you don’t have any neighbors or you have a garden or big roof terrace? You are a winner! 😀 use it as much as possible to soak up some vitamin D and get fresh air. 


Shopping as normal might be difficult for some of us. 
I personally still do plastic free shopping as much as possible, but we are stranded in a City in Germany where there is no bulk store.
Since I don’t have a car, the next one would be a train ride of 30 minutes away, so that is not an option for me at the moment. 

So I will produce a bit more trash and recycling during the next weeks. I am fortunate that we do have a lot of paper packaged options (oats, pasta, flour, etc.) and a lot of food in jars (sweet corn, hummus, vegan spread, tomato sauce, chick peas, etc) But nuts, and dried fruits are impossible to get plastic free at the moment. So I do my best even now because it is still my priority. But healthy food is a priority too, that`s why I decided not to feel bad about the plastic packaged food I really want/need during these next weeks. 

So my tips for shopping doesn’t change at all. 

Well if you have heard about that they need to use single use plastic gloves for shopping in Italy (not only for veggies but for all products) then yes, this is what they do in many places over there at the moment, trying to stop the spreading of the virus. So if this is the rule right now, follow it. 

If not:

  • Refuse plastic bags: I still don´t use any plastic bags when shopping, because if fresh produce might be contaminated already the plastic bag won´t help, and hey we all know that packaging can be contaminated too.
    So I wash them when I come home. I peel or cook most of it anyway so I never feel worried about germs on fresh produce.
  • If you are worried the packaging could be contaminated, you could unpack everything else (oats, sugar, pasta,..) refill into your reusables or wipe/wash the packaging too. Yes use a reusable cloth, no need to use single use wipes, but just wash the cloth after the usage.
  • Buy paper packed products or choose glass instead of cans if you have a choice.
  • Buy the biggest bag available.
  • If the farmers markets are still open, go do your shopping there. I always say: support your local shops, But now this is even more important than ever!
  • If you need to do some online shopping, try and call the small shops in your town if they offer a delivery at this specific moment, I know a lot of smaller shops do so, to provide an income in times of shutdowns/lockdowns.

Learn and read and dance and meditate

Having more time means you do have no excuse anymore 😉 Wanted to read that book? Wanted to learn a language? Now is the time… Use this extra time to 

  • Learn new skills (there are so many online courses out there)
  • Wanted to start a blog yourself? Do it know. 
  • Read more books 
  • Learn how to knit
  • Learn how to use the sewing machine (or other machine) that is hiding in your cupboard for many years.
  • Try to meditate.
  • Look out of the window and watch birds.
  • Dance and sing! If you are bored of home office or your kids are bored or you are just down… put on your favorite songs and dance 🙂 I started to collect great songs in a spotify playlist yesterday to keep my body moving while doing my laptop work . I also have a great laptop stand* since a couple month to make it easier to sit and stand while working to prevent back and neck pain

Declutter and redecorate

Now is the time because you might have a little more time now… Go through your things and get rid of old stuff you really don´t need anymore.
(Clothing, books, etc..) and keep ready for donation for later when the lockdown is history.

Redecorate (or even renovating) your room, apartment to feel good.

Declutter your computer/laptop. Go through Emails and Photos and delete what you don’t need or put them into special files.

Check your phone contracts or insurances if you can find cheaper ones. Check if you can change to green energy etc.

If you have a backyard, garden go do some work outside. Plant new flowers, get some vegetable seeds, etc…

Make plans for the future

Don´t get stuck in the news and negative thoughts. Make plans for the future! 

  • Plan your next hiking trip, or camping trip. 
  • What kind of areas in your country do you like to visit after the crisis? 
  • Like to take some dancing lessons in the future? Or cooking classes? 
Try to focus on great things in the future, because they will  come 🙂

Start a gratitude journal

It is easy to remember the bad things of a day, and easy to forget the good ones. 
If you feel like this too, starting to write a gratitude journal* might help.

Write down 3 positive things of the day before you go to bed.

This could be personal things, things that happened, or nature stuff. 
Like: grateful that you and your family is healthy, for having a roof over your head, for having enough money to get food, that the sun was shining, you saw a beautiful bird singing the most beautiful song…. think about something. 

We are doing this regularly since a couple of years, not writing it down but telling each other, and I feel like I do actually sleep better since I do so.  And yes some day it is harder to think about something good, but if I start to think about it, I mostly even have more than 3 good things I can remember….

(Write down some of your favorite inspirational outdoor quotes too)

Zero Waste/minimalistic Living for the win

If you don’t need much anyway and are not caught in the consumer devils tail anymore, you are not even thinking one second about how sad it is that you can´t go out shopping anymore rigth now…. What a great feeling right?

Heard about the toiletpaper hoarding issue and fighting over the last TP package? The hardcore Zero Waster is laughing at that because they do have a bum gun* (hand bidet sprayer for the toilet) and/or use reusable cloth already. So if you were thinking about getting a bum gun in the future, maybe try and get one know 🙂 

Another win is if you are used to make your own food, have beans, and other dry goods from bulk at home, have a soap bar and shampoo bar as they last longer, etc… 

If you are worried about that the coffee shops are not allowing your reusable mug at the moment (don´t know if you still can go out to get coffee as in some places even coffee shops, cafes are closed) think about if you really need a coffee to go. During this official break of normal life, think about if a coffee on the go is necessary or if you like to enjoy a hot caffein drink on your balcony or while chatting with your mom on skype more…

If you still need to go to work and like coffee for the way to get there, make your own coffee and save money. And then put the saved coffee to go money on your savings account like I will talk about more in the next section:

Financial tips for the future

So what after the Corona Virus Crisis?

There will be another one day, a different one, that’s for sure. 

But what can we do to be financially more stable for a new lockdown like this one? 

  • Save some money whenever you can! I grew up like this. My sister and I had a savings account since we were kids and I still save money at the end or even at the beginning of a month. Do this regularly with what you can afford…. If you know you can survive at least 2-3 months without troubles because of your saving account you will feel so much more relaxed if you face another crisis where you won’t be able to earn money…
  • You have stocks? You are worried because the stock markets is crashing ? Don’t go crazy, don’t sell them… It will go back up.. It always does… If you want to invest it might actually be a good idea right now because everything is cheaper now..  
(Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor this is only my personal opinion.)
Tea House Riga

Stay positive - Stay healthy - Stay home

It is just for a couple days/weeks hopefully if we all do our job: staying home, keeping a distance to flatten the curve. 

Hearing stories about people meeting for parties because the clubs are closed are very egoistic and unreflected. Mostly younger people don’t take it seriously because known to get less ill. BUT they are spreading the virus quicker…. You never know who’s having a chronic illness on first sight. It might be the fit looking girl standing at the traffic light, or the kid playing ball in the park… Think about your grand parents that might have survived the war, don’t put them at risk.

Most of us still live in a country without war and a lot of us have enough food in the fridge, think about it… we are just asked to take a break! WE are not asked to stay at home for the rest of our life….

Use this unplanned break for something great! 

And feel free to tell me where you are and how you do:

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