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Solid shampoo and soap bars - perfect for travel and camping

Solid shampoo and soap bars are perfect for travel. No spills and easy to bring when you are travelling with hand luggage only.

They also come in paper wrapper or without packaging often so no reason to worry where your shampoo bottle might end up (landfill, the ocean..) when empty and discarded…
But this is not the only reason why soap bars are a great swap.

More and more people are asking for natural soaps. Natural, plastic free, vegan, palm oil free (read more about the problem with palm oil here).

For a good reason, they are better for you and our planet.
Natural soaps have natural ingredients, so much better for your skin. The pure ingredients that are used to produce them are what provides them with natural moisturizing properties.


Always check the ingredients list. This is a habit you should get used to when buying food and cosmetics!! Sometimes brands use words like eco and natural but they are not  100%. Buy certified organic brands if you want to make sure.

Also be aware that biodegradable natural soap should still not get used directly in wild water when you are camping or on a boat (even though they are called biodegradable) you can read more about that here: Leave no trace.

If you use conventional products with severe chemicals and maybe toxins (if it might not be toxic for you, it could be for the environment. Like the coral harming ingredients in too many sunscreens) or micro beads, they easily find their way through the drains into our environment.
Every time that lather is getting washed down the drain, the toxins are going with it. Some might get filtered, but some just go straight through into our ecosystem.
More important if you travel in most beloved holiday destinations they often times don’t have sewage treatment and everything goes straight into the ocean.

All reasons why all natural, organic, homemade soap is a much better alternative to use. Since my boyfriend is using natural soaps (laundry soap too) his asthma got much better too (healthier food can be another factor too).

If you know they are handmade you might also just appreciate it more, maybe you even know the person who sells the homemade soap on a farmers market. Great way to get connected and to support local handcraft.

Responsible hiking/camping – leave no trace

If you want to go on a multiple day hike or go camping please be aware that even natural soap and shampoo shouldn’t get used directly in wild water (lakes, rivers).
If you need/want to use soap and shampoo please don’t take them into the water. Take a bottle of water and wash your body and your hair with soap at least 200 feet away from wild water. Afterwards you can go for a swim if you like

Read more here: Leave No Trace

My personal experience:

Soap bar

This was actually the easiest swap for me. The body soap feels and smells good. I have really dry skin and I feel like the soap I have now is much better. 

In between I actually use my body soap for my hair too. And I tried a few different shampoo bars.
But I also love to use rye flour as shampoo regularly.
My hair needed to get used to the new “shampoo” a while, but now it looks fine and even a little stronger than before. I rinse my hair with white vinegar or lemon juice every second week or so.

I love rye flour for my hair. (You can read more about how to use rye flour to wash your hair and why it is a healthy alternative to shampoo in my blog post here-> No Poo.)  And in many countries you will find rye flour in paper in the shops or even in  bulk.
But while traveling to countries where it’s not easy to find rye flour, the shampoo bars are the best choice. 

Pick your favorite shampoo or soap bar for travel:

Ethique shampoo bar

Dr. Bronner soap

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