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Reviews and recommendations for eco friendly products and Zero Waste Essentials

Zero Waste Essentials and eco friendly products

In this shop section I listed a few resources to make it easier for you to find your favorite Zero Waste Essentials and natural beauty products or ethical fashion. 

I only recommend products I used or friends of me have. But I do also recommend some products I didn’t need to buy yet but feel are really helpful to live a low-waste, plastic free life. 

Some of the links to those products are Affiliate Links (marked with a star*). This means if you purchase through those links I will earn a small commission from the store. This commission comes with no additional cost to you.

Please remember before you buy something new:

  • ask yourself if you really need it?
  • then check if you might have alternatives at home
  • and check second hand/thrift stores if you can find things there.

Being prepared is the best way to refuse single use packaging in your daily life. Get your basics together…

Natural products, refillable container, compostable toothbrush. Everything is possible…

Plastic and heat is not a healthy combination. But luckily we have a lot of alternatives to choose from…

Drains go to the ocean. And a lot of micro plastics from our cleaning utensils and chemicals from cleaning products too. You want to change it?

To travel a little more eco friendly we need to get prepares. Reef safe sunscreen, filter bottle, reusable cup, etc…

Safe tap water is the most important thing! If you travel to countries without safe tap water don’t get frustrated! there’s no need to buy single use plastic water bottles!

Get inspired by biographies, stories, tips, cookbooks…
Nothing is more inspiring than to read real stories or get some tips and inspirations from pros.

Zero waste stores are popping up all around the world. I have traveled to a few cities since I quit single use plastic and like to share all my plastic free experiences…

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