Safety razor: why make the switch and how to use it

Safety razor for shaving

I am now a proud owner of a safety razor 😉

Two weeks ago I dropped my plastic razor (the kind of where you can change the head) in the shower and that thingy where you can attach the razor head broke off…. I had this razor since almost 10 years now. I liked it because the new heads were cheap and it was handy to use.

I have been thinking about buying  a safety razor made from stainless steel for a while now, but I was living on a tight budget and couldn’t find a second hand one, so I just stuck to my old one.

Since I only shave arm pits and bikini area with a razor because I use an epilator for my legs, the razor heads lasted almost 3 months. I always cleaned and dried them after the shower. 

But since my old one broke I was very curious to look for a safety razor because I don’t wanted to buy a new plastic razor. So when I arrived to Plovdiv in Bulgaria a woman recommended a small local shop called (club neshtoto) that works together with small shops, farms and bakeries, I saw they had a safety razor in stock, so I bought one for 18Euros, 10 blades included….

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Plastic vs stainless steel

So let’s compare plastic razor vs stainless steel safety razor:

Plastic razor: mostly made from different plastic types. Mixed plastic products are not recyclable in normal plastic recycling facilities so they will get burned in incinerators or end up in landfill.

Safety razor: made from stainless steel, 100%, easily and endlessly recyclable.

Plastic razor heads: are made from mixed materials too, so not easily recyclable if at all.

Safety razor razor blades: made from stainless steel, easily and endlessly recyclable. 

Plastic razors are made from oil. Non renewable.
Stainless steel products are made from a great amount of recycled material. It is estimated that 85%-90% of the used stainless steel in the US is recycled. 

Production: I am not a pro here and it was difficult to find informations but yes, the production of stainless steel needs a lot of energy. So in this case it seems like plastic production is a little bit better when it comes to energy consumption. But I do hope that renewable/clean energy is getting more and more normal, so that would be a plus here 😉

But personally I am more concerned about plastic getting littered, ending up on unsafe landfills, getting washed or blown away into the the ocean where it can kill marine wild life. So I would always opt for the better recyclable and reusable option if I can afford it.

If we compare the price: yes plastic razors are cheaper to purchase at first. But you can use the stainless steel razor forever (if you treat it right) and the razor blades are way cheaper to buy on the long run than to buy the plastic razor heads. (approx. 100 stainless steel blades for 9$**)

How to use a safety razor

Yes, it was very intimidating to use a safety razor for the first time. I heard too many different storie. From: “it is amazing and so much better than the plastic ones” to ” I cut myself so bad, I don’t use it anymore.” 

So yes, I was very nervous the first time. But what can I say, it went well. I was very careful, and I would recommend that! The razor blades are crazy sharp, so be careful with them. Take care on spots where the ankle is, or where it is “uneven”. Help out with your other hand to make the arm pits a little more even…if you know what I mean 😀

So just make sure to know how to use a safety razor and you will be fine.

Step 1:

First of all you need to put your razor and the razor blade together. Please be careful with the blades. Don’t touch the sharp sides!! 

Step 2:

Put some shaving cream or normal soap foam on your legs or arm pits and shave with short strikes.

Step 3:

Screw the razor open half way and clean with water (Take care, don’t touch the blades with your fingers!!!). Leave it open and put it on a dry spot so it can dry properly. This way you can use a razor blade for a long time. 

Use some oil as body lotion to sooth your skin.

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Travel tip:
Remember that you can not carry the razor with razor blades in your hand luggage when traveling by plane! Always pack it into the checked bag. If you travel with hand luggage only pack it without a blade and then get one from a friend, family member, or buy one when you arrive.
Or if you still have a plastic one, keep it for travel only.

Any tips you like to share with safety razor newbies?

Feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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