Why did I choose running?

So why do I write about running?
I run since 1998. I don’t know why I started. But I started to run regularly during my last 2 school years when I ran after school with my best friend. I can remember many laughs and runs with my friend Pia during these days…

I continued running more or less regularly until today. Yes I have had some breaks in between, when I just didn’t feel it anymore. When life was too busy (when I owned a Cafè in Berlin), during a knee injury (cruciate rupture). But I always came back to the point where I started running again. Because I knew it makes me feel better, it makes me feel alive and have control over my mind and body.

I ran in different cities and countries. On beaches, in forests, in the mountains, along busy streets and empty river fronts.

I love that I can run everywhere, no opening hours to have in mind, no extreme gear necessary if you don’t want to. 

Knee injury

After my knee operation I came back on track quite quickly. I hiked up a volcano and ran my first half and full marathon after I recovered completely.


Until now I completed a lot of different 5k, 10k and 15k runs, 4 half marathons, 3 full marathons and finished a 100k walk in 24 hours.

Benefits of running

So what are the benefits of running some of you that are not into running yet might ask.

1) You can do it everywhere

One of my favorite reasons for running: I can do it anywhere! Just leave your house, apartment or hotel and start running. Be it a treadmill, in a park, on the beach or through a city on your next trip. Make it a sightseeing run.

2) For every kind of budget available

If you don’t want to you don’t need heaps of expensive equipment. You need good shoes (do not choose the cheapest option if you want to run regularly). You need comfortable pants and a fitness shirt. As a woman you need a good sports bra, That’s it. 

3) Exercise is good for the heart and overall health.

People who do power walk or run one hour a week can already reduce their heart disease risk by almost half. (Compared to those who do nothing at all). 150 minutes of moderate activity per week would be the recommended exercise time. A little extra exercise can further reduce the risk of heart disease. But do not overdo it. Too much can be counterproductive.

4) Solo or in a group

It’s a great sport you can do alone or together in a group. If you are just starting to run make sure to find running partners with the same pace or it will get frustrating soon.

You can find more about benefits in my blog post 20 benefits of running

Running gear

I will share running gear recommendations on my blog too. But to start running you don’t need more than a shirt, some leggings, a bra for us women, and good shoes.

That’s one of the benefits of running I like the most. No expensive gear needed, so anybody can do this, even when you are on a budget. 

In the beginning I liked to carry my MP3 with me to listen to music but now I am a really minimalistic runner. Just if I might be on a really long run where I would like to carry some water or snacks with me, I don’t need much. A lot of friends do like to carry gadgets and gear with them though, so even if I don’t use all the special accessories I know who to ask.

You can even find nice active wear second hand, so you would only need to buy new shoes. 

Anyhow, if you are getting passionate about running or you like tech to track your progress, there are tons of extra gear and accessories you can buy. 

From a belt for keys and phone, to a little backpack for a water bladder and extras, different kind of reusable bottles, watches, etc…

Just keep in mind that if you don’t have that extra budgte, that’s not a problem, and shouldn’t be a reason not to start. Just because friends and advertising might tell you you “need” all this extra stuff, it’s not true!! 

A few things are maybe nice to have, but they are not essential to run! All we need is a healthy pair of feet, knees, back and hips and off you go 😉

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