17 Best Running Gear For Women

Running gear for women: my top 17

When it comes to running and running gear for women you can either go totally basic or fully equipped.
You can spend a few bucks or heaps of money.
You can buy good sustainable stuff or products that only last a season…
It totally belongs on your style and taste and priority.

I will start with the basics and some items I definitely don’t want to miss anymore. 
I will then continue with products that could be very important if you do more than just the occasional 20 minute morning run. (Read more about 20 benefits of running.)
And then there is a lot of stuff you don’t need but maybe like to have plus recommendations for less waste products.

I am recommending running gear for women that I have used or that got recommended by friends. And I will also add a few products that are on my wishlist but haven’t used yet.

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Running basics: from shoes to apps

1) Running shoes

Without good running shoes I am not running. Why? Because if you run regularly you can do more harm with the wrong shoes than good. 
And feet are as individual as you and I am, so I can not recommend the one shoe that fits everyone, but I can recommend shoes that does fit my feet. 

If you are buying running shoes for the very first time, please go to shop that can do feet analysis and let you run on a treadmill to see what kind of shoes you need. (Check my running tips for beginners  if you are just starting to get into running).

When I first started with running I used Asics. I then switched to Adidas and continued for many years to wear Adidas. At the moment I am having a pair of NB because a friend that has my shoes size didn’t use them and only wore them a couple times and they fit perfect. I also recommend Brooks because a friend of mine from the US loves her pair of Brooks running shoes!

2) Running socks

Things I don’t want to miss anymore? Sports socks. With thicker parts at the heal and toes. Preventing blisters and overheating.
So much more comfortable than normal socks. Not only for running but also for hiking or when your work includes a lot of standing and walking.

Try and choose socks made from durable, breathable materials. If you like Merino Wool (wool is actualy the best natural material when it comes to active wear) make sure the wool comes from sustainable farming.. And look for no seams. I had sports socks with bulky seams and that hurt… My favorite brands when it comes to sustainable merino wool are icebreaker and smartwool.

3) Sports bra

This is also an important thing to have as a running woman. A good fitting sports bra for running. And I mean it when I say it must be a good fit. Nothings worse than a bra that is not strong enough for running. Or where the seams are rubbing. 
If it doesn’t fit or isn’t strong enough to hold my boobs I get crazy 😀 

Since I have size 75A, I can only recommend running bras for smaller boobs. 
I have three different sports bras at the moment: New Balance, Nike, Organic Basics. NB and Nike are very snug, while Organic basics feels a little bit loose. I think it is because the back is not reinforced. But it is not an adverstised running bra, more like a yoga and fitness bra. But I love the sustainability and mindset from the brand, and for my cup size it is ok for running too.
(My Nike and NB Bra is a little older already. I couldn’t find the NB one on Amazon so I am linking to a similar bra one.)

If you are unsure with the right size and fit, go to a professional bra store and get help with the measurements etc. You can also get bras that you need to pull over your head, or that you can open in the back or even in the front. 

4) Active shirt

My favorite material when it comes to clothing is organic cotton. I also don’t mind wearing cotton for unsweaty sports, or in summer. But when it comes to real sweat and colder temperatures I do want a shirt that wicks away moisture. You can find active wear made from natural (merino wool, modal, tencell) or synthetics (this is the most common option because it’s cheap). 
At the moment I am wearing second hand synthetic active shirts, but if I might buy a new one in the future I would definitely buy one made from either sustainable merino wool or one of the newer fabrics modal or tencel (Organic Basics Tencel Actice Wear).

(If you don’t know about the problems of micro plastic fibers getting washed into our water ways when we wash plastic clothing, you can read my post about it here…)

Icebreaker Merino

Parley for the ocean

Organic Basics

5) Leggings with pockets

If you go for a yoga class this might not be important. But when you go out running you might want to look for a running tight with at least one small pocket for your keys. And if you bring your phone for safety reasons or because you use a running app, you might want a tight with two pockets. I have two running leggings at the moment. One without (Organic Basics) and one with a pocket (Nike Dri Fit).

6) Running belt

If you have a running tight without pockets this is a very handy item. A running belt or flip belt. Mind changing. No need to carry your phone in your bra (actually very unhealthy to carry your phone so close to your body because of the rays , so please put it on flight mode if you do carry it in your bra, or also pants)
You can find nice and slim belts or bigger belts, depending on what you like to carry with you. Some people like to carry a snack or a small water bottle when they’re on longer training runs or events.

Running fanny pack

Running belt

7) Sports ear buds

Very annoying if you run and your earplugs are falling out of the ear all the time…. headphones? Maybe also annoying because you sweat underneath or you don’t like the pressure on your ears. So these ear plugs are perfect for active people. They don’t fall off and are very light. If you don’t like the cable you can also find them with bluetooth, again, if you don’t trust the rays, the bluetooth ones are not the ones you’re looking for.

8) Free running App

If you are just starting out, or don’t want to get all the data (heart rate, etc.) but still like to track you’re runs, then a free running app is the right choice. I am using the app from runtastic since years now. They have the free version and a pay version.
There are other apps like: zombie run if you need a bit of a funny motivation.

Advanced running gear for women

If you are running more regularly, if you are running no matter what kind of weather is outside. If you are training for a race. If you are running a marathon, etc. then you might want to think about a few gadgets/products that will be helpful.

9) Fitness tracker

If you like to measure a lot more than just your run, think about getting a fitness watch, fitness tracker. I don’t have one, but a friend of mine loves her Garmin watch. My mom loves her fitness tracker from Garmin too, but it is just a basic one to count her steps. Did you know that the recommended steps we should make in a day to be on a healthy level are 10.000? Do you know how many steps you are doing every day? I know when I work a lot at the lap top, and don’t get out, I only have about 300 steps on my watch (I tracked my steps for a year once)…crazy!!

Garmin Forerunner 735xT

Garmin Vivoactive 3

10) Headlamp/knuckle light

If you know you will be running in the dark in winter, a headlamp is a great product to have. I have seen too many people running in the dark, with dark clothing and no light, and nearly been hit by a car. 

If you think you don’t need a light because YOU can see the others, remember that it is even more important that the others can see YOU!

Running gear for women for summer

In case you are living in a place where the summer is hot and humid you might like to have a few things that make it easier to still go out and run. Yes sure you could train inside in the Aircon Air but isn’t it nicer to run outside?

While you might need a few more items when running in extreme cold and rainy weather, you don’t need much for summer training.
So besides
-natural sunscreen,
-a water bottle or drinking water fountain along the way,
maybe a UV shirt
and a light and breathable hat you might not need anything else.
Or what is your favorite running gear for summer?

11) Foldable bottle

I mostly don’t need to drink during a run. And often there are drinking fountains around. But if you like to have water with you, a foldable bottle could be perfect for longer runs. You can fold it when its empty and it is easy to hold. Great to bring on running events to avoid the single use plastic cups and bottles.

If you don’t like tap water you can get a filter bottle to avoid the plastic bottles. Read my post about water treatment and filter bottles here.

12) Water camel bag

For a marathon or extreme long training runs a camel bag is a great thing to have. You can also use it for long hikes.

13) Natural sunscreen

Why natural sunscreen is better than conventional? Read more in my article here: “Sunscreen and the danger for coral reefs”

And get your 10% discount code for “Raw Elements Sunscreen” here.

Green products for "low waste runners"

14) Menstrual cup or menstrual panties

I love my menstrual cup! Diving, snorkeling, swimming, running, hiking, traveling… A menstrual cup makes it so much easier. I know some people need to empty the cup more than twice a day, but I only need to empty it in the morning and the evening so whenever I am traveling/hiking for a whole day, I don’t need to worry anytime… I bought a menstrual cup 2 years ago in a shop without doing any research. It was the Lunette cup and I couldn’t be happier. I got the right size straight away and had no problems so far.

If you don’t like or can’t handle a cup, a menstrual panty could be the right thing for you as an active women.

Plus point? You will make less trash and even save money on the long run!

Lunette Menstrual cup

Rael organic cotton panty

Reusable menstrual pads

15) Natural hair tie

Hair ties can be made eco friendly too, these ones from Kooshoo are made from natural materials and available in different colors.

If you like hairbands I can recommend one like this: Kooshoo organic twist hair band**

16) Solid soap and shampoo

Doesn’t need much explanations. A soap/shampoo that comes wrapped in paper or unpackaged will help you refuse a lot of plastic bottles. And the natural soaps are free from any microplastics too. If you can’t find them in a local store, and you like to buy online, check online or ask the vendor of they can deliver without any plastic packaging.

You can find a lot of informations and recommendations in my article here: soap and shampoo

17) Deodorant:

In Mexico on a beautiful beach I found deodorant plastic bottles… So yeah I will never go back to that… I either buy spray that comes in glass bottles, deodorant cream in a jar or tin or solid deodorant.
At the moment I make my own spray and reuse my old mosquito spray plastic bottle as long as I can.

You can find the deodorant spray recipe here.

Now tell me about your favorite running gear for women that you don’t want to miss ever again!

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