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15 Responsible travel tips for a mindful and low waste travel

What is responsible travel and how can we travel more responsible?

What we can do in times of mass-tourism, over-tourism, plastic pollution, etc.?

We can change a few things in our own travel behavior.

While I still believe in the good things of travel, tourists are sometimes a big problem. 

  • Beach parties in front of resorts disturb wild life and mostly a lot of trash get’s left behind…
  • Cruise ships invade small island and harbor towns without leaving anything than polluted air and water..
  • recreational parks are getting harmed because some people leave trash on trails and leave trails to make the best instagram picture
  • geo tags and instagram hypes create mass tourist spots that can easily destroy the environment around it…
  • etc…

So let´s see what we can do to enjoy a more responsible travel/camping

15 Tips for a more responsible travel
  1. avoid huge all-inclusive resorts
  2. choose local hotels, apartments
  3. buy local/seasonal produce from local markets and cook from scratch, avoid big non/local supermarktes and non local products
  4. eat more plant based (saves heaps of CO2)
  5. travel during low season
  6. take a bus/train whenever possible (fly less)
  7. respect local rules
  8. choose the less touristic path
  9. choose sustainable travel/tour companies
  10. avoid any attractions where animals are involved
  11. stay on the trail when hiking (leave no trace)
  12. travel low waste/single use plastic free
  13. use natural beauty products (reef safe sunscreen, natural soap and shampoo, laundry and dish washing soap)
  14. refill from tap (whenever possible) or use a filter bottle to avoid plastic bottles
  15. join clean-ups and volunteer programs
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