Playa Del Carmen: recycling at Parque La Ceiba

Recycling at Parque La Ceiba​ in Playa Del Carmen/Maya Riviera Mexico

Whenever I arrive in a new City I google: Zero Waste Store, Recycling, farmers markets, Clean ups, etc…
When I arrived in Playa Del Carmen Mexico I found a regular beach clean up, but nothing about recycling. I guess because my spanish is not good enough.
But a coffee shop owner told me about Parque La Ceiba, and that there is a recycling drop off 3 times a month.
So I wrote them and made an appointment with Isabel to talk about the Parc and their projects. They actually just had their 10th anniversary (March 2018).

Parque La Ceiba/FloraFaunaYCultura:

The Non Profit Organization has three main causes:
Conservation of Sea Turtles
Community Welfare Community
Conservation of Green Areas

Environmental Projects

They run projects about environmental education (forest, mangroves, cenotes, reef, beach), reducing waste, sea turtle campaigns, etc.
They are based in Playa, Tulum and Chemuyil.

Non profit

It is a private non profit organization. The land they are based on in Playa is government owned. They wanted to build offices on this spot but the people fought against it and now theres a beautiful green parc here. They have a little Café/restaurant in the middle of it where they serve delicious food and coffee and ice popcicles….

Recycling program since 2008

Since ten years they are working together with the governmental recycle program.
Every 1. and 3. friday and every 3, saturday you can come and drop of certain recyclable trash. Check the website to find out what you can bring exactly.
(you can also bring your recycling to Palacio Municipal every 1. and 3. friday, but hanging in a green park and eating great food could be the better choice;)) 


If you like to support them ask about their volunteer program or simply donate.

Bottle caps against cancer

They also collect Bottle caps/lids: they collect it for a project in Monterey, money goes to cancer treatment. Banco de tapitas.
So as long as I am here I will collect all the caps I can find (sadly I find a lot on the beach) and drop it off at the Parque.


Isabel told me about one thing they always ask people to do when they are having workshops about reducing plastic. They ask them to  list every thing made of plastic that you use until breakfast! I would even go one step further and ask you to list everything what you use thats made of plastic in the morning until you step out of your door to go to work (from toothbrush to coffee machine)! Try it, it is eye opening!

The green lung of Playa Del Carmen

The parque la ceiba is worth a visit definitely. Theres also a market every now and then. Find more Informations on their facebook page.

If you like to read more about a low waste living in Playa Del Carmen check my blog post-> Plastic-free travel Mexico

The green lung of Playa Del Carmen
The parque is great to get some cool fresh air
They also serve awesome food
good cookies and coffee in reusable cups
I picked up every bottle cap I found
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