Plastic-free cleaning utensils

Plastic-free cleaning utensils.

Why I talk about plastic-free cleaning utensils? Because most of those we have in our houses are made out of plastic!
Plastic sponges, scrubs and micro fiber cloth release micro plastic fibers when you use them. They go straight through the drain into our water ways. Too tiny to get filtert out.
I even found plastic bristles from brooms on a beach in Mexico. Wondering what it was, because so thin and small and pink and blue and green, until I saw one of those brooms in a friends house… So even broom bristles can become micro plastics and end up in the ocean…

Some chemicals in your cleaning products could potentially harm your skin, your health and the environment. 
Good news? You don’t have to use plastic sponges, scrubs, brushes and harsh chemicals etc. to clean your house. 

You can try DIY cleanser like Vinegar and citrus peels or you could look out for organic cleanser if DIY is not your thing. You will find organic products for everything. While they too come in plastic packaging, the cleanser it self is safer for the environment.

In a lot of organic zero waste stores you can refill your old bottle.

Below I listed just a few alternatives to clean that look pretty and does a really clean job.

And you can get a few inspirations about how to clean your house with natural products here-> 4 natural cleaning alternatives or try and use horse chestnuts for your laundry.

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