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Conventional vs. Organic Cotton and my Organic Basics Bikini Brief Review (plus a 10% Discount Code)

Conventional vs. Organic Cotton

Did you know that conventional cotton is also called the dirtiest crop on earth?

And is Organic Cotton actually better than conventional?

Since I started to smell the scent of new clothing, I definitely can tell a huge difference between Organic and Conventional. The conventional stuff smells so toxic… Have you tried to smell on it? Since I did for the first time, I would never again buy new conventional stuff to wear right on my skin… 

Let’s see some of the facts:

Conventional Cotton:

  • 2.700 L water is needed to make one T-shirt of conventional cotton
  • It consumes 16% of the worlds insecticides and requires $2 Billion in pesticides each year
  • Pesticides and insecticides used in cotton production contaminate the soil we use to grow crops, the air we breathe and the water we drink. The deaths of animals exposed to these contaminants is counted in the millions every year.
  • Conventional cotton is not fair
  • Uses GMO seeds for approximately 70% of US grown cotton
  • Applies highly toxic herbicides to kill weeds
  • Uses only about 3% of the farmland but consumes approximately 25 percent of the chemical pesticides and fertilizers

Organic Cotton

  • is grown without harmful chemicals (no pesticides, insecticides), leaving the soil, air and water free from dangerous/toxic contaminates that could harm wildlife and people.
  • Because of that the soil is much healthier, and they need less water to grow organic cotton.
  • Organic cotton is also known to cause less rash or allergies because they don’t use harmful chemicals
  • it produces around 46% less CO2 compared with conventional cotton.
  • Organic cotton is better for the farm workers. Harvesting Organic cotton is not toxic and a lot of Organic Cotton Farms treat their workers fair too.
(Sources:, organicapparelusa)

Don’t forget that Organic Cotton still needs a lot of water. So first of all you should change from fast fashion to slow fashion even though if you buy Organic. Only buy clothing you really like and wear it for a long time!

 But if you care about where the Cotton comes from, compared to Conventional Cotton, Organic Cotton is definitely the winner. 

Sure, you can pay less for a conventional cotton T-Shirt, but now you know who might pay the price… Just think about all the pesticides that kill our bees… and all the others chemicals that can be toxic for the field workers…

Organic Basics - organic cotton underwear for men and women

Organic Basics Bikini Briefs review

I buy almost only second hand clothing. Since years. Only thing I buy new when the old ones break apart, is underwear and socks. Shoes or special active wear that I can’t find second hand.

And then I try to find my personal happiest choice. This happiest choice might look different for you…

In many shops you do already have the choice between organic and conventional cotton. Not a huge Organic range, but it get’s more and more. 

Last time I bought Underwear in a store I went to H&M and C&A… (I know I know… but sometimes this is the way it goes, budget, accessibility, etc..) but I choose Organic Cotton undies and bras. 

The last time I needed new undies I choose the Bikini Briefs from Organic Basics. 

My last order from Organic Basics came in a plastic envelope (made from recycled materials) but this time everything came without any plastic packaging. (I already reused the carton to send something..)

I ordered a Guppyfriendbag to wash my synthetics (learn more about the Guppyfriend washing bag here) and the bikini briefs.

My Silvertech leggings are size xs and fit perfectly, but I read some reviews for the bikini briefs and a lot of women said the size here is actually smaller than they expected so I ordered a size M. Check the size chart, it is very helpful… Size M for these undies showed up to be perfect for me!

Everything came packed in Carton
Organic Cotton Undies and Silvertech Bra

These Organic Basics Bikini Briefshave a thick waistband that makes it very comfortable to wear. Nothings “cutting” into the skin, no chafing, no “rolling up” to places where you don’t want it to.. 

After a couple of washes the color is still fine, so I really can recommend them.

They are made from 95% certified organic cotton and 5% Elasthane. (Yes you might find 100% cotton undies somewhere, but mostly the waistband, seams, etc are made from synthetics) Produced in Turkey and they even have a whole section on their website about their partners and factories.

10% Discount Code

If you need some new Sustainable Active Wear (Read my review here), Organic Underwear, Tencel Underwear/Activewear, Bamboo Toothbrush, Guppyfriendbag, etc. feel free to check the Organic Basics Shop.

I am very happy that Organic Basics provided a 10% Discount Code for my readers. Just use the following Code 
at check out!         JULEOBC3

(The Code is valid until the 20th Of October)

Nice thick and comfortable waistband
If I could I would walk around in my Underwear all day 😉

Transparency: I am a referral partner/Affiliate partner with Organic Basics because I love their products and company mindset. If you buy something from the placed Affiliate links I will earn a small commission from Organic Basics at no editional cost to you! This way you can support my blog without any extra hustle or extra costs.
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