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Organic Cotton Underwear - Knickey Review

Since I learned how dirty the Fashion Industry can be, I started to buy second hand only. I actually always loved second hand shopping. But since 4 years now I would say about 95% of clothes I need to buy is second hand.
But then there are these exceptions where I want or need to buy new products. Like my running shoes, hiking boots. Some hiking gear and active wear is often hard to find second hand in good shape – and of course Underwear. But there are always a few things I am checking before I buy….
I am always looking for the happiest choice:

Organic Cotton, Recycled materials, GOTS certified, Öko Tex, Faitrade, etc…. This is not only better for the environment, but also better for us. And really important if we wear something on our skin.
I also always check informations on websites. How transparent they talk about materials, CO2 footprint, etc. 

It is sadly not always clear on first sight wether a brand do the talk but don’t do the walk. Or plain greenwashing their way out of it. Or if a brand/company actually is on a good way to making changes.
I mean yes, talking about reducing their CO2 in the future – most common green talk on many websites – is important but hey they actually needed to start yesterday, not tomorrow…

Organic – Ethical – Circular Economy

And then you have those brands popping up everywhere trying to do it all right from the very beginning. YAY!

One of those brands contacted me a couple weeks ago. And they asked if I would like to check out their organic cotton underwear.
I took a look at Knickeys Website and liked what I read so much that I said yes. And they have send me a pair of organic cotton underwear to review for you guys.

Even though I got a pair for free, my opinion in this blog post about the organic cotton undies are my own and honest. This Blog is reader supported. As an Affiliate we may earn commissions if you buy through links on this site with no extra cost for you.

Knickey Underwear - a few facts

Knickey is a women owned underwear brand committed to make eco-friendly, ethically, high quality and affordable organic cotton underwear!

From farm to factory to customer to recycling they stick to the game.

The Cotton is grown on an organic farm in India.
The Organic Cotton Underwear is sewn in a fairtrade factory in Tirupur, India and dyed and finished with Öko Tex certified materials.
And if they are worn out after a couple years you can send them back to get recycled/downcycled.

For Knickey it is also about womens health. Cheap toxic materials that don’t breathe for your intimates can cause problems. Worldwide about 300 million women suffer from yeast, vaginal and bladder infections each year. You can reduce this risk by just buying better undies. Choose organic cotton underwear and undies free from toxic chemicals.

Choose Organic Cotton - vote with your purchase
"Undies every behind can get behind"

I liked that while waiting for the Organic Undies I already got a few Emails with some tipps on how to care about the organic cotton underwear in an eco friendly and sustainable way.

When the package arrived I was happy to see there was no unnessecary filling, no plastic involved. You never know these days, but the Knickeys were beautifully minimalistic packaged and just a card inlcuded with some informations about Knickey.
Their packaging is made with recycled content, post consumer waste and low impact inks.
And the Knickey boxes are made by suppliers who stand for the preservation of natural eco systems and prevent deforestation.

A huge plus:
The Knickey Organic Panties doesn`t have any itchy synthetic tag attached – I mean how many people actually cut those tags out of their clothes first thing? Ughh nothings worse than an itchy tag in your undies or Shirts right? So no worries with Knickeys here, there is no itchy tag involved.

No itchy tag for the product informations!
Plastic free Packaging - no unnessecary filling material

Being active all day - Women Undies must fit perfectly

Being active all day means your undies need to fit and stay snug all day too.

If they sit too tight cutting into your skin, or don’t sit tight enough and don’t stay in place this can be very annoying. Well I am happy to say no matter how much I was on my feet all day, the low rise bikini stayed in place and they also didn’t cut into the skin.

Knickey has actually a promise for your first order:
You can try a style and size riskfree and return if needed.
They really want you to find your favorite and best fitting undie for life.
More informations here.

Old underwear ends up on landfills/incinerator

Eco friendly producing of fashion is one thing. The other thing is: what happens with your old clothes?
Yes sure you can donate your old winter jacket if you really want a new one, but what happens to old worn out clothing and clothing you cant give to others anymore? Or actually to all of the pieces the shops can’t sell anymore because the new season requires new products.. DUH… yeah a real vicious circle here, made to cosume more and more even if we don’t need it… would be enough stuff for another Blog Post.

Well back to old Undies:

At the end of their lifecycle they will end up on landfills or get burned in incinerators.

But not for Knickey! The women behind Knickey are even stepping in here. They have a recycling program for old undies. Not only old Knickeys, but any old Undies from your closet. These will get recycled or downcycled to insulation, rug pads, rags, etc.

How amazing is that?!
They really thought it all through, from the start – organic cotton – to the end – recycling!

– At the moment this is only offered in the US but I hope in the future they can offer this for Europe too!

Knickey Organic Underwear- Our View

Since my sister and I are the same size, I gave her one of the Knickeys. And we both agree that we love these Organic Undies. They are soft, have a great fit, stay in place and you feel still fresh after a long busy day.

The women owned brand is committed to deliver high quality, eco friendly, ethically made and affordable undies, and we think they are doing a great job!

And extra points for the recycling option for panties.

This is the future: Eco Friendly Brands, Ethically Made Fashion, Circular economy. 

Thanks Knickey for what you are doing already!
I will definitely get another pair when my other undies are worn out!

Choose YOUR favorite Knickey!

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