Organic Basics Review- Sustainable Active Wear

Organic Basics Review: Sustainable active wear

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Since I am aware about how cruel and polluting Fast Fashion is, I am trying to buy only second hand or sustainable – fair – organic.

I actually haven’t bought any new clothing since almost 3 years now (only underwear, and a pair of hiking boots). I always buy from second hand shops, or sometimes I get used stuff from family and friends, if the size is right;)

But supporting young, sustainable, fair companies and brands is very important too. We need them to build a more eco friendly future. So once in a while, I’ll save some money and I will buy new products, clothing from more sustainable brands to vote with my wallet.

So on my hunt for sustainable active wear, I read more and more about one company from Denmark, Organic Basics. So when I needed another set of active wear, even though their products are more advertised for yoga and fitness not for running/hiking, I thought I will order some of their stuff.

So who is Organic Basics?
Organic Basics is a young Company from Copenhagen. Their products are fair produced in Europe, they use organic cotton, recycled polyester, Tencel, recycled wool, etc. 

“natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and or low-impact textiles only”

They want to make clothing that need to get washed less and last longer, so yes that’s totally the right thinking, so I felt very confident when I ordered from them.

Sustainable Active Wear

Sustainable and fair produced active wear that is affordable is still very hard to find. 

But there are more and more brands getting on board and producing more and more sustainable.  Since active wear for hiking and winter running should not be made from cotton (This could actually become potentially dangerous. (Read more about that in my blog post: Sustainable active wear) you only have the choice of synthetic fibers or more expensive ones like Tencil. There are more fabrics coming now, made from wood pulp, or bamboo, or eucalyptus. But you can also find active wear made from recycled polyester or wool. So yeah know your priorities and make your own happy choices.

This time I chose the pack Organic Basics Silver tech Leggings and silvertech Bra made from recycled polyester.

I normally don’t buy synthetic fiber clothing. Only exceptions: Active wear for very sweaty sport and hiking, shoes, swimwear, winter jackets (and other jackets/stuff that I don’t wash in the machine regularly).

Organic Basics Silver tech leggings and bra made from recycled polyester
Outdoor gym session with power tube and organic basics active wear

I am 165cm and I weigh approx. 52 Kg. I ordered the leggings size xs-s and have been a little bit anxious if they might be too tight, but they fit perfectly!

The Bra is also size xs-s and fit perfect too.

If you are unsure about the size, contact the support team, send them your body informations (height, hip, waist, etc.)and they are happy to help.

I find both very comfortable for HIIT, running and training with my power tubes. No look through when I squat, no uncomfortable seams, and very breathable now in summer.

As a runner I do miss a small pocket for my keys, so maybe that would be an addition for the future. Until then I need to use my shoe lace key hack again 😉

Both leggings and bra is made from recycled polyester and treated with Polygiene to stay fresh longer. Means you don’t need to wash after every use (depending on how much you sweat). I do like to wash my active wear by hand with some warm water after a sweaty session. But they only get a wash in the machine if they smell. 

I hope the leggings and bra will last me for a loooong time! I will keep you updated:)

Be aware that clothing made from recycled plastic will shed micro plastic fiber too when you wash them. So by washing less, wash by hand or using a guppy friend washing bag, you can  make sure to release less micro fiber into the oceans. 
(Click here if you like to read more about how to reduce the shedding of micro fiber.)

The delivery came in a plastic envelope. I was a tiny bit sad about that fact, but when I looked closer I saw it is made from 100% recycled plastic, so that is awesome, and I will also reuse the envelope. 

You know, since I know that almost all clothing you buy plastic bag free in stores came actually packaged in a plastic bag that just got removed before they put them into the shelves, I don’t stress about a plastic envelope anymore.

The products themselves came in a nice paper bag/carton. The tags made from paper and attached by cotton strings!

They also offer awesome organic cotton underwear and they have now a collection with the sustainable fabric called Tencel. That will definitely be the next product I would like to try if I would need new basics.

Yes I know sustainable fashion is still more expensive than fast fashion, but we are all here to make a difference, so if you can afford it, choose fair. 
If you can`t choose second hand, choose organic cotton, save money for the next eco friendly winter jacket you might need, or ask friends and family for sustainable fashion as a birthday or christmas gift.

The Organic Basics leggings are not see through!
Running at the river front in Plovdiv

Tell me all about your favorite sustainable underwear or active wear brand.
And have you tried the organic basics products already?

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