Natural Body Care Products

Natural Body Care Products

Your body is the engine that keeps you alive.

Oh gosh that sounds dramatic right 😀 but it’s true! 
Our heart and all the other organs keep us alive. 

Your biggest organ is actually your skin. It keeps your body together, it is a protection shield. It heals when you have a scratch, your pores help you to get rid of “waste”, the skin can regulate temperature and so much more. You shouldn’t take it for granted, you should treat your biggest organ well. You should treat your body well and if you choose products that are vegan and organic you even do something good for the animals and the environment 🙂

How you can do that?

  • Eat natural food, mostly plants: keep the processed convenience food on the shelves, cook from scratch
  • Use natural cosmetics. 
  • Use natural oils (olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, rapeseed oil…) instead of mineral oil based body lotions.
  • Treat your skin well: don’t expose it too long to the sun. Protect it against the cold. 
  • Do peelings (easy micro plastic free DIY peeling: olive oil plus salt or sugar) at least once a month, because our skin renews every 28 days. This way we can help to keep pores open and help the skin to stay fresh.
  • Get some daylight.
  • Do sports regularly.
  • etc…..
I like to recommend a few body care products here that you might like to give a try…

(Some Links on this side are affiliate links. This means if you buy from one of those links I will earn a small commission at no additional cost to you)

Reef Safe Sunscreen

Most Conventional sunscreen has harmful ingredients for corals and other ocean wild life. That’s why it is important to get real safe sunscreen. You can read more about this topic in my blogpost: Sunscreen and their danger for corals.


Try this vegan, natural, aluminium free deodorant that comes in a jar. 

A lot of DIY deodorant recipes include baking soda and quite a lot of people have problems with baking soda. But this could be for you too, it is baking soda free!

Natural Lip Balm

Did you know most conventional lip balm (and also body lotions) is made from mineral oil… yiiiiiiks…. It is just everywhere… This lip balm is all natural made with coconut oil, beeswax, shea, cocoa butter etc. and tinted with beets.

Natural toothpaste

I found a few toothpaste tubes on beach clean ups in Mexico.  

Why not try a natural toothpaste that comes in a glass jar, or try toothpaste tablets. You can find these at Lush or in zero waste stores.

Bamboo Toothbrush

Humble toothbrush is a vegan toothbrush made from bamboo. For every toothbrush sold a child in need get’s a toothbrush or alternative dental care. 

Solid shampoo

Say goodbye to plastic bottled shampoo! Try a shampoo bar instead. A lot of online stores have them in store already, zero waste stores too, or get on the “hunt” on farmers markets. Just try to avoid conventional palm-oil products!! 

Solid soap bar

A great alternative to plastic bottled and maybe even plastic filled (micro beads) body wash. 

Safety Razor

Instead of plastic razors you could try a safety razor. The blades are the only thing you need to dispose of.

Spot treatment

Tea tree oil is a great natural treatment if you have spots.You just need a tiny amount on a q-tip. 

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