Inspiring book recommendations for travel or rainy days

I Love books! What about you?

I can remember the days when I was a kid and our mother went to the library with us. Me and my sister have always been so excited to get new books. In autumn we mostly drove to  Denmark (to the northern coats) for a week and we got heaps of books to read before we went 😀

Books are my best friends when we travel for a longer time or when a rainy autumn storm is having a blast outside…

So I hope you love reading too. It is a great way to educate yourself, find inspirational stories. It is great for your personal development, and to find positive stories and hopeful stories too.

So I thought I will share some of my favorite books here to get you some inspirations. I also included a few books I really like to read but haven’t yet. 
Please feel free to share any books you loved to read with us in the comments.
The links will mostly go to Amazon (Affiliate Links*) so you can take a look. If you have a nice book store in your town please support local shops!! If you haven’t the online shopping option is a great opportunity. I always look out for second hand books first, so much cheaper and we are saving resources. 
If you have a great public library in your home town even better!

My mom don’t want to miss her ebook reader** anymore. It is so much easier to carry a lot of books around while traveling this way and she can read easier in bed because it is so much lighter than a real book. 

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Some of my favorite books

Books on my reading list

Books about how to live a Zero Waste Life

Food and recipes

And I am always looking for recommendations. So feel free to share your favorite book, or the book you are reading right now or can’t wait to read in the comments below:)

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