Hiking Gear

Find the right hiking gear for your adventures

The right gear is essential to enjoy the outdoors even more. The wrong gear could cause pain and make hiking or camping etc. uncomfortable and sometimes even less safe.

From shoes, to back pack, to cooking utensils, underwear to face mask, minimalistic gear to Pro-tech hiking gear. You want to choose the perfect gear for you so you can enjoy your next hiking trip even more.

Most gear can be used for either camping, travel, picnic, trail running, kayaking, etc. too. So no need to buy heaps of different products.

Oftentimes it is even possible to find second hand gear, or even rent gear if you are only doing a first time/one time winter trip or kajak trip, etc.

On this site we will talk about different styles, different brands, how to find a perfect backpack, good hiking shoes or comfortable hiking pants, so you can get some more insights and find the stuff that is the right one for you. 

If you choose wisely and buy quality products you can safe a lot of money because you don’t need to buy new things over and over again.

Tips and recommendations are great, but....

Remember that every human is individual…From body size, feet, hands. From different sensitivity of temperatures…

So recommendations are great, but always make sure to know your body and listen to your body when you test walk shoes, backpacks, etc…

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