Apparel for hiking and outdoor activities

Why the right hiking apparel is important

The wrong apparel can make an outdoor adventure less enjoyable and even sometimes dangerous (thinking about winter or mountain adventures).

Less enjoyable is a trip if you get inner thigh chafing when your pants are too tight or the seams are too extreme.
Or if you hike in the mountains with a cotton shirt, you sweat and then it becomes colder and the cotton can’t wick the moisture away and you start freezing.
Or if you start in the sun and then a cold wind is coming and you don’t have a wind jacket with you..

While the right Apparel for hiking is important for your personal health and comfort, sustainable produced Apparel is important for our nature we like to enjoy, so I try to find Sustainable Brands and Products to share with you. (learn more about how to live low waste)

Another option would be to buy second hand gear or Apparel. Good for the planet and your wallet;)

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