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Gift ideas for hiking

While gift ideas for hiking for outdoor newbies come easy, for those that are already perfectly geared up it might not be too easy anymore…. 

But there will still be something special you can find to make them happy and get something that makes them enjoy their hobby a little more.

Don’t forget or be afraid to ask before you buy anything. Maybe your friend or partner does need something special because something broke, or they are planning a trip and need anything special for it.
If you know somebody pretty well, you might know by listening, what they need. 

Don’t just buy something because you think it might be a good gift. The best gift is always a gift that is really needed and will get used. The worst gifts are those you don’t really need….

I thought I put up a small gift guide with gift ideas for hiking, for outdoor enthusiasts to give you some inspirations. From sustainable Apparel, to useful gadgets and gear, beauty products and some other gift ideas for hikers, campers, outdoor-lovers, travelers…

Gift Guide for hiker, explorer, traveler and outdoor-lover.

Stainless steel thermo cup or water bottle

A  thermo cup is sometimes “life saving” 😉 when you are out on an autumn or winter hike and you do have some hot coffee or tea with you! Nothings better than that. It does also help to reduce the use of disposable cups in your daily life! 
So for those friends who loves to bring hot drinks on a hike or loves to have coffee to go, a thermos bottle or cup is the perfect gift! 

Most of the thermos cups keep drinks hot for 8-10 hours and cold for up to 24-30 hours.

Filter bottle

There are a few water treatment methods to make unsafe water drinkable. A filter bottle that filters 99.999% of all contaminants is one of them. You can drink straight from any lake/waterfall/tap without worrying about bacterias, viruses, etc… An amazing gift idea for hiking or travel friends.

A reusable cup

Not only a must have for hiking but also for your daily life if you are a coffee to go fan or your favorite coffee shop only serves single use cups.
There are many options of reusable cups out there. From lightweight and collapsible silicone to stainless steel or glass. For lightweight backpacking the silicone cup would be the best choice. If you don’t like the idea of drinking from silicone cups the stainless steel would be a better choice. My stainless steel cup is from KleanKanteen.

Collapsible container

I carry a silicone container with me on my travels and trips since three years. Have made salad, muesli in there, got pastries and other stuff from the bakery in here. I used it for breakfast in hotels where they didn’t offer reusables. And brought salads on hiking trips. I don’t exactly know how much single use trash I reduced because of it, but it is a lot…

Time to get one for your friends and yourself 🙂

Stasher silicone bag

You like to use zip lock bags for your hiking snacks?
Get a stasher bag instead and safe money and trash in the future. Great gift idea for hiking and for your travel and backpacking friends too!

Reusable sandwich bags

Great gift ideas for hiking are these lightweight, reusable, sandwich bags.

You can also easily make your own.

Reusable cutlery

You can choose between stainless steel, titan or bamboo cutlery.
A spork is great because you just need one tool to carry around.

Mini Espresso Machine

This could be the perfect gift for friends who don’t want to miss that cup of coffee in the morning when on a camping trip.

The Mini Espresso machine is manually operated. So there is no need to carry air or N2O cartridges.

For this mini coffee machine you only need ground coffee and water. No single use aluminum capsules needed
Find more ideas for “how to make coffee while camping” here.

Recycled Wool Blanket

This warm blanket is great for camping. To keep warm at night.
It is made from recycled materials that would have ended up on landfills other ways. It is made from 70% recycled wool, 30% recycled other materials.

Approx. 150x175cm and has 8cm fringe at each side.

Organic Basics Underwear

How about gifting some sustainable underwear? These from Organic Basics are so cozy and comfy to wear I would say it would have been the perfect gift for your best friend or girlfriend. They have underwear for men too…

Cup with outdoor designs

A cup from United By Blue is not only a very good looking gift (they have many different outdoor cup designs) but with every purchase you will also remove one pound of trash from oceans or waterways.  How awesome is that?

Solar emergency flashlight

This flashlight is perfect for hiking and other outdoor adventures. This dynamo flashlight* is solar powered and hand cranked so you don’t need to depend on external power.

Solar charger

For all of the hikers that like to be out in the wild with no excess to a power outlet but still want to feel safe with a charged phone or GPS in their pocket (or want to share their photos regularly on social media 😉 

 A solar powered charger is the right gift here!

Garmin Vivoactive

A great watch for those who like to track their activities. Great for hiker, runner, biker. Wrist heart tech, GPS, smartwatch with a touchscreen and up to 8 day’s batterie life. 


A must have if you walk in the dark and use walking sticks. Perfekt for winter times or night hikes.
Hands are free but you have light on the track: A headlamp* with rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable hand warmer

A perfect Christmas gift for your cold handed friends. A rechargeable hand warmer* that can also charge phones. A rechargeable one also reduces single use trash…

Multifunctional compass

If somebody doesn’t like to rely on Apps and GPS a compass would be the choice to have and maybe even a course how to use it and how to read maps.

Survival bracelet

A bracelet* with 5 survival gear essentials for adventurer in one. Fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, emergency knife, and 12 feet paracord (military grade).

Lightweight hammock

Lightweight parachute hammock*. Perfect to bring for an overnight hiking weekend. It has almost the size of a grapefruit when packed. Very lightweight and durable material.

Hiking backpack from Vaude

Everybody needs a good backpack. If this is a gift for someone else, make sure that the backpack fits perfectly. If you can, go to an outdoor store for a fitting. Or be aware that you might need to send it back and change for a different size if you don’t have a store around.

Smart-wool hiking socks

Smartwool socks* are made from sustainable merino wool.
Merino wool is warm and will leave your feet dry while hiking. If you are looking for vegan socks check out Bamboo hiking socks. 

Outdoor jacket from Haglöfs

A nice gift could be a great jacket for outdoor adventures.
This one is a sustainably made and from the brand Haglöfs.

Collapsible trekking poles

For hiking, nordic walking, snow hiking, lightweight, collapsible trekking poles* are a great help. A great gift for outdoor fans.

Cook ware

Awesome lightweight, durable cooking set for backpacker/camper. (incl. 1Pot, 1 pan, 2 reusable bowls, 1wooden spatula, a spork, 1 soup spoon, cleaning sponge & travel bag.)

Lightweight plates

The unbreakable stainless steel plate. Lightweight and toxic free gift idea for camper, hiker and summer outdoor picnic fans.

Lightweight camping chair

Lightweight, portable camping chair*. Perfect for all kind of outdoor activities: camping, festivals, a day at the beach.

Stainless steel multi tool

Stainless steel multi tool* for outdoor adventurer.
11 tools in one, for every situation you can imagine.


If a friends just get’s into winter hiking or moving to a very snowy city snowshoes or crampons could make a great gift and even showing you care about their health and safety 😉 Crampons are helping to stay safe on icy surfaces.

Check the different styles and sizes and think about if your friend might need one for normal walks, hikes or real mountaineering**.

A Journal to write down travel adventures

Handmade Leather Journals

You know some of your friends is writing a journal or goal settings or is painting wherever they are?

Maybe this is a nice gift for those friends. A journal/sketch book made with tree free paper and with every journal purchase will plant a tree.

Natural Sunscreen

A great gift idea for anybody traveling to a sunny place, loving to go for snowy outdoor trips or sailing or anything else that has do do with sun: natural sunscreen! Good for your skin and the environment.

I use raw-elements sunscreen that comes in a tin at the moment and make my own (DIY zinc sunscreen recipe). I also have a 10% discount code for you if you like to test the raw-elements sunscreen.

Natural soap

How about a plastic free, natural great smelling soap bar for you or your friends?
You will find them in organic stores, on farmers markets or online shops like this one from the shop*.
Remember that you shouldn’t use any soap in wild water. If you need soap or do dishwashing release the soap water at least 200m away from wild water. (leave no trace)

Lip balm

If you ever hiked in windy, cold weather you know how dry your lips get and how awful that feels. With a good lip balm you will have less of that problem. Try this one from the shop * or even consider make your own*. That would be an awesome gift too.

Natural toothpaste tablets

Toothpaste tablets are awesome to pack when you are traveling or hiking. Lightweight, no spills in the backpack and you can exactly bring as many as you need. I have this brand at the moment, and I actually only use half of a tablet in the morning and half in the evening, so I need one per day. They have a nice fresh taste too. I would prefer a refillable glass jar though, so next time I buy some in bulk.

Homemade hiking snacks

How about buy the favorite snacks in bulk with some nice reusable bulk bags that you like to gift too. Or some homemade snacks plus recipe cards so your friend can make them again and again. Maybe even reuse a glass jar and fill in the dry ingredients for energy balls or cookies and cling the recipe onto the jar.

Homemade gifts

Homemade gifts are awesome. They are personal, individual and comes from the heart.

From lemon or coffee body and face scrub, natural toothpaste, deodorant, body oil, cookies, beeswax wrap, reusable bags, etc etc etc you can choose exactly what could be the best gift for your family or friend or partner.

Gift ideas for friends hiking with dogs

Water bottle+bowl for dogs*

A water bottle for your dog*. A must have if you hike with a dog in a hot climate where you might not find water sources in the wild.

Safety lights for dogs*

Walking/running at night is dangerous if you don’t have any lights on you, so it is dangerous for your dog too. These lights can get easily get clicked to the dogs collar or back pack to make it a safe night walk..

Backpack for dogs*

If you are looking for a great gift for dog hiker, this is one good idea. A dog needs food, water, etc. so it might be a good idea to let him carry his stuff in his own back pack* so that the backpack for your friend get’s lighter.

Choose experience gifts or quality time over things

Instead of a materialistic gift: make it an experience gift 🙂
So instead of buying things, invite your favorite person to a hiking holiday/weekend; a canoe trip. Go stand up paddle boarding together, etc.

We do live in a very consume oriented time…. But must it really be a store bought gift every time? Must we buy something special, something expensive, something wrapped in extensive packaging to make somebody happy? 

Maybe you’ll find something special and unique in a thrift store, maybe think about just gifting a self cooked dinner for your family.

Give your time to spend quality time together.

You could go for a winter hike plus self-made picnic.

Or gift a spa experience.


If you will look back on your life when older you most likely won’t be saying: oh this was one of the best days of my life because I got “this or that”, you will look back saying: This was one of my best days because I spent time together with my family and loved ones…

(Read more about Eco-friendly Christmas inspirations here)

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