Hiking / Camping / Outdoor Gear

From shoes, to back pack, from underwear to face mask. 
From minimalistic hiking gear to Pro-tech hiking gear. 
You want to choose the perfect gear for you so you can enjoy your next camping/hike trip even more.

On this site we will talk about different styles, different brands, how to find a perfect backpack, good hiking shoesor comfortable hiking pants, so you can get some more insights and find the stuff that is the right one for you. If you choose wisely or just buy quality products you can safe a lot of money because you don’t need to buy new things over and over again.

First Aid Kit 

You might consider bringing a  few thing with you to make your hike a little safer. I know mostly there won’t happen something, but just if it would be the case, it could be life saving to be prepared. (FirstAidKit)

Best winter gloves

Cold feet or hands while hiking in winter is awful! Let’s talk about how you can find the best winter hiking gloves for your next snow adventure.

How to make coffee while camping

You like to be in the wild, don’t mind to pee behind a tree but wait one thing is missing? Find the prefect equipment for your favorite morning coffee while you are camping. 😉

How to find the best hiking shoes

Find the best hiking boots to prevent blister and take care of your feet. You only have one pair of feet that needs to carry you through life. Get them some comfortable shoes…

How to find the best hiking pants for women

Having some great pants makes hiking a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Check out which pants we recommend and get some tipps how to find your best hiking pants or leggings

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