Energy ball recipe – 5 ingredients and no baking involved

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Why I like to make my own food and snacks? Because I know I can reduce packaging, I know what kind of ingredients I use, I can make any kind of specials: use plastic free ingredients, nut free, wheat free, dairy free, vegan, etc… whatever my heart or body desires.

AND it is sooo much cheaper than buying over packaged food from the stores or in specialty shops.

If you haven´t cooked or baked anything yet you might need a little practice. But the moment you are used to make your own stuff it will become easier and then one day you might not even need any recipes anymore.

Today I like to share my easy peasy no bake only 5 ingredient energy ball recipe with you… Enjoy!

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Energy ball recipe

Dates: 12 dried dates soaked in some water for 30 minutes (keep the water)
(Update: if you don’t have dates or can’t find them plastic free you can use some  agave/maple syrup (or honey) as sticky sweetener)

Grated coconut flakes: 5 tbsp

Linseed: 1 tbsp

Oats: 6 tbsp

Coconutoil (liquid): 1 tbs 

optional to mix into the dough: chocolate chips, dried cranberries, etc.


1) Mix all the ingredients (plus some of the “date water”) together in a blender. 

2) Then add the optional ingredients if you want any (chocolate chips, or cranberries, etc…) and use a fork to mix it under the dough.

3) Roll them with your hand into snack sized balls. 

You can roll them in cocoa or matcha or coconut flakes afterwards if you like. Or you can form muesli bars.

no bake energy balls

4)  Then put them onto a plate and let sit in the fridge. You don’t need to cover them with plastic wrap. I actually don’t cover them at all. You can use beeswax wrap or put a plate on top or store them in a tupper ware/container if you like them covered. After the coconutoil hardened they will be good to pack for your next adventure.

(All ingredients bought in a zero waste store in Riga. I made 8 energy balls. Price per ball round about:  0.10 euro cent. You can’t buy them cheaper and healthier than that anywhere… if you can please tell me where 😉

If you try this recipe feel free to share photos with me on facebook or Instagram!

Wrapped in a beeswax wrap bag
Delicious hiking snack
Best energy snack!
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