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You want to quit single use plastic in your daily life but just don’t know how to get started? Then this is for you…

Join my Plastic Free Crash Course and learn how to reduce your plastic footprint

You will learn:

  • How to refuse plastic while grocery shopping
  • How to avoid disposable single-use plastic items
  • How to politely refuse the big 4
  • How to inspire friends and family to join you
  • and much more…

Monica, Manager of Nest-Coworking, Playa Del Carmen/Mexico
“Meeting Jule helped me to understand how important it is just to start. The first step takes will and bravery, and she inspired me to do that and express my love for the earth in my own way”

The global plastic pollution is getting worse. And that quickly. 
Recycling is not a solution because so far from all the plastic that got produced and disposed worldwide only 9% got actually recycled. The rest of it piles up on landfills, get’s burned on beaches or in incinerators or worse ends up in our oceans.

So what can we do? Wait for governments and the industry to make some changes? Or just make our own changes?

Start to quit single use plastic today!


Join the crash course and learn how to reduce plastic while grocery shopping

I chose to make my own changes because I don’t want to be part of The Problem, I want to be part of The Solution and I kicked all the single use plastic and plastic packaging out of my life. 

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I talked about plastic pollution at the Fuck Up Night in PDC

Join the Plastic Free Movement Now! Get inspired and learn how to make happy plastic free choices

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