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23 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts (in 2021)

As Outdoor Enthusiasts it should be our job to do what we can to protect what we love. To reduce our impact on our planet, and why not help others to do so as well.

And what is easier than to give Eco-Friendly gifts to the people we love. 
Eco-Friendly gifts could be anything from products from responsible brands, made out of responsible materials, made to reduce trash in the daily life, vegan products, organic cosmetics, second hand items, hand made gifts, etc.

When it comes to shopping, we can vote with our money. Choosing the happier choice can make a huge difference these days.

Eco-Friendly shopping Tips:

  • Support your local dealer! Shop locally and support the small shops in town.
  • If stores are closed because of Covid, look if they have an online shop or if you can order via phone.
  • Buy Second Hand to save ressources. A lot of products are easy and safe to buy second hand, and mostly noone will even notice. You can save a lot of money too.
  • Always bring a tote bag/reusable bag so you can refuse the plastic bag at check out.
  • If you buy online, ask for less packaging when you order, or if you have several options of online stores, ask before you order, and then buy from the shop that does support low waste packaging.
  • Still wanting or needing to buy from big online stores?? Try to find sustainable brands/products.
  • Order directly from sustainable – plastic free shops like: Life Without Plastic
  • If you are ordering from Amazon or other big online shops, please be aware that they might throw a away a lot of stuff (if not all) that gets returned, so please make sure to only order what you really want/need and if you know the exact size you need. We just had a situation that we accepted to store a parcel from Amazon because a neighbour wasnt home. He didnt came for the parcel for two weeks now, we cant reach him at home, we dont know him personally. So we called Amazon so they pick up the parcel again and their answer was: “No we dont do that, so feel free to throw it away if the neigbour doesnt want to pick it up!”

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas: Beauty Products

1) Dr. Bronners Soap

A bottle or soap bar from Dr. Bronners is always a nice and thoughtful gift. Perfect for travel and camping trips because you can use if for almost everything. From cleaning yourself, to clean your dishes or clothes. Just remember to always Leave No Trace! No Soap should be used directly in wild water.) 

– To reduce plastic trash, I would recommend buying the soap bars or a bigger bottle and then reuse/refill smaller travel soap bottles you already had, for your trips.


2) Reef Safe Sunscreen: Rawelements

Reefsafe Sunscreen is a great Gift for Water Lovers.

If you have friends that are into Surfing, Kiting, Kayaking, SUPing, swimming, snorkeling, etc. this is the Ultimate gift. – Read my rawelements sunscreen review here.

Conventional sunscreen can kill corals and cause health problems for water wildlife, so any water sports fan should be very happy about this thoughtful gift!

Get 10% off your Rawelements purchase by using the Code: HAPPY10

3) Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are not recyclable in most curbside recycling.

So if you don’t have special recycling collections for oral care products in town (e.g. from Terry Cycle) , then a Bamboo Toothbrush is a great Eco-Friendly Gift Idea.

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas to reduce Trash

4) Stasher bag

These reusable silicone bags are a great tool against trash on your trips. No need for single use zip loc bags (wait you can actually wash them and reuse single use Zip Loc bags too). No need to wrap your apple slices into tin foil or plastic wrap.

So a great gift idea for all your active, outdoor and travel enthusiastic friends but also for yourself 😉

5) Reusable, lightweight Tote Bag

Sturdy reusable bags made from recycled materials are great to go shopping and to refuse single use plastic bags (and also great use as a beach bag).

Tip to remember your reusables for shopping:
Always prepare after your grocery shopping trip for the next trip. Put the bags (the tote plus reusable bulk/produce bags) immediately either back into your car (if you need a car to go shopping) or close to your door, where you will see and remember next time you walk out of the door.
(More tips for trash reduced grocery shopping in supermarkets)

6) Reusable Bottle: Klean Kanteen

No excuse for single use plastic bottles!
By now you should have the chance to buy reusable bottles everywhere you look. I personally would recommend to  buy anything else than reusable plastic bottles. Stainless steel or glass would always be my favorite choice.

Choosing a sustainable brand for your reusable bottle would be an extra (vegan) whipped cream on top.

I love the products of Klean Kanteen. The Brand is sustainable, already carbon neutral, 1% for the planet member and has great goals for the future.

7) Filter Bottle

If you can’t refill from tap (if tapwater is not safe where you live or travel too) a filter for your tap* would be amazing for long term. For travel and hiking trips a filter bottle is a great choice to refuse single use plastic bottles.

You will be able to refill your bottle from any fresh water source (lakes, rivers, even puddles).

Always check for what might be contaminating the water because there are different filter for different contamination.

(Check my best filter bottle article to see different filter bottles.)

8) Travel Mug from Flask

No need for single use non-recyclable coffee to go cups anymore.

You can save heaps of money if you bring your own coffee.

If you still like to get coffee to go during the day, ask them to fill the coffee into your own cup (make sure it is sparkling clean).
Most coffee shops are fine with refilling your cup. If they are still not up for it, ask for a reusable ceramic mug to drink in store and refill into your mug yourself.

9) Sandwich bags (Snack Bags): Nordic by nature

No need to use plastic wrap or single use ziploc bags for sandwiches no more.

These sandwich/snack bags are great to eliminate single use plastic from your hiking lunch preparation. They are reusable, 100% food safe and non toxic.
A great choice for hiking and camping trips because they are so lightweight.

You can even put them into the dishwasher.

10) To-Go Utensil Kit

Great for any kind of travel, camping, or even your normal lunch break.

Perfect to eliminate single use plastic utensils from your life.

You can bring your kit to the next picnic, birthday party with BBQ, or when ordering lunch at your favorite bistro that sadly only offers plastic fork and spoons..

11) Reusable Produce Bags

These lightweight reusable produce bags are great for all of us not living close to an affordable zero waste store.

Normal supermarkets cant subtract the weight of any boxes or cotton bags, so lightweight bags made from recycled plastic bottles is the best choice here.

If you like and your grocery store can subtract the weight of bags, the happiest choice could be organic cotton produce bags.

12) A reusable Pee Cloth

Sounds strange? Maybe. BUT most women rely on Toiletpaper, hankies or wet wipes when peeing outdoors and yeah you can see that because a lot of women leave them behind in the bushes (makes me sooo angry).

These bits don`t break down quickly (hankies) or maybe almost never (wet wipes are not breaking down quickly in nature, even if they are stated as biodegradable!). Have you ever seen the ads where they show you that paper hankies don`t even break down into pieces when you accidentially put them into the washing machine?
Well yeah that shows exactly why we should not leave them behind when peeing outdoors. (Leave No Trace)

Kula Cloth is a reusable cloth for the wasteless outdoor pee experience.

Check them out:

13) Food Box (foldable silicone)

While I normally would prefer stainless steel or glass container, the foldable silicone container is aweseome for travel and hiking because they are lighter and foldable so won’t take much space when empty.

The come also handy if you got out for dinner or lunch and know you can’t finish the huge portions. Just put them into your handbag and use for the leftovers. No food wasted this way and no need for toxic styrofoam to go container.

Other Eco-Friendly Gifts

14) Journal made from recycled paper

A journal to remember every bit of your journey.

This one is 100% made by using recycled paper so no tree will get cut for your notes and stories.

15) United by Blue Bag

This duffle bag is not only made responsibly in Vietnam. It is also made from recycled plastic.

On top of that, “United by blue” is removing a pound of trash from the ocean and waterways, for every item sold.

So a great Eco-Friendly gift plus a give back to the ocean.

16) Compostable Mobile Case: Pela Case

Looking for an Eco-Friendly way to protect your mobile phone?

This case from Pela Case has not only heaps of different colours and designs. It is made from plants and it is compostable in a home compost, or a compost facility that does accept plantbased plastic in their facility.
(Please check with your local facility to know if they accept bio-plastic.)

17) Trucker hat

This is another cool item from United by Blue.

They have different designs and also Trucker Hats for men.

Organic cotton and responsibly made in China.

The purchase will also remove 1 pound of trash from oceans and waterways.

18) Sand Cloud Towel

Sand Cloud Towels are made in Turkey, with Turkish Organic Cotton.

The brand is on a mission to help save marine life and 10% of all profits go to Marine Conservation.

19) Cotopaxi - Backpack

Eco-Friendly Backpacks and Jackets. They use leftover fabrics to keep them out of landfill.

Every items look is unique when it comes to the mix of colours. Their staff has total creative control when it comes to the mix of colours.


20) ENO Hammock

One great step towards sustainable production is a zero waste production, thats why I love that ENO uses all fabric remnants in the production of their hammocks.
(That why the color combination of the hammock you receive may vary a little from the picture.)

They are also a 1%for the planet member and partner with “Trees for the Future”


21) Buff Headwear - Recycled Polyester

Buffs Multifunctional Headwear is made from recycled microfiber. UV 50 Protection, so not only great to cover your face against the cold but also against the sun.



22) Eco Friendly Homemade Gifts

You don't need to go shopping online or in malls for Great Gifts:

Try something different this year. Make gifts yourself.

For Outdoor Lovers this could be

23) Time, the most precious gift

A weekend wellness getaway, a homemade dinner for two.
A hiking trip to somewhere special, a bike trekking week.

Anything that your loved ones love to do can be the greates gift of all.

You can’t buy Happieness in a store!

I hope these 23 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas could show you how versatile and awesome Eco-Friendly Gifts can be. They are neither boring nor ugly. So get out there and get some Eco-Friendly Gifts for your loved ones.

Choosing the Eco-Friendly options means: giving back and protecting what you love.

Being prepared means enjoying the Outdoors even more.

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