Eco and fair fashion: Bags and shirts for ocean lovers​

“FinsAndMountains” :

Nature-Friendly T-Shirts & Bags, with a statement!

Fast fashion is a huge problem for our environment. Chemicals leaching into wild waters and a massive amount of all produced clothing will get disposed without getting bought etc…

That’s why I decided if I ever want to sell products they absolutely have to be as eco-friendly as possible. So I went on to find eco-friendly suppliers that would share my values and help me to offer eco-friendly products.

Cheap cheap….

At first I was a bit surprised and even shocked when I found out that there are a LOT of suppliers out there that want to do business with you. “Very cheap price, “best” quality…” that’s what they all had in common. I wondered how they can be so cheap and still have their so-called best quality. But I guess I didn’t wonder really. We both know how they do it. Cheap labor, cheap fabrics, cheap everything. And of course everything sent in plastic bags/packaging.

At one point I almost quitt…

I just didn’t want to become the next “mass producer” that produces “cheap products” with low quality fabrics and inks…I was so frustrated and upset at the same time. There must be a better solution I told myself and after a while I re-started my research.

And this time I found them! It was (business-) love at the first sight! 😉

I found a young ethically accredited organic certified company in the UK that:

  • Fair production

Produces in an ethical accredited facility in India with wind energy,

  • Organic cotton

Products are made out of 100% organic cotton.
(It’s good to know that when you choose organic cotton instead of conventional you can potentially save 436 liters of water, and save a lot of toxic chemicals wich would affect soil, ecosystem and people.)

  • Products are printed in the UK.
  • They use low-waste digital printing tech and inks that conform to the GOTS/Soil Association organic criteria.
  • The inks contain no animal derived products and are not tested on animals.
  • The products are getting printed on demand only. They will only print something if anybody orders something. That means that nothing goes to landfill because of overproduction. 
  • And they are phasing out bio-plastic envelopes and will soon use paper envelopes only.
My brand FinsAndMountains could get started….

I called it Fins and Mountains because I love nature. I love to hike in the mountains. I love to be on the water. I love walks on the beach in whatever climate and weather….

I love every part of nature: From the bottom of the sea (Fins) to the top of the mountains! 

Second Hand vs. First Hand? No, no…

I’m a big fan of second hand stores. 

I too believe it’s the most eco-friendly choice to buy second hand, because that product is already there. And very often it’s still very good (and cheaper than new;).

But it is also very important to support ethical companies. And we all also like to buy new things once in a while. And when we do buy new things, the most eco-friendly choice, in my opinion, is to buy eco-friendly products and to support companies that change the industry. 

Besides: When buying something new we get the chance to make a statement through designs, motives or wordplay. That’s why my first few products are “ocean-themed” saying things like “All I need is peace, love and the sea”, “My <3 beats blue” or simply “Plastic is Out”.

But check out the collection from FinsAndMountains for yourself. 

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My passion is the ocean! I chose to live plastic free because of the ocean, so no wonder that a lot of my designs and prints are ocean focused too 🙂

All I need is Peace, Love,The Sea
I love dolphins Tshirt

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