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Guest Blog Posts

I am happy to write guest blog posts for other topic related websites. Get in touch for more informations if you are interested.

I am also happy to have you as a guest blog writer for my page. So if you think you have a related website or hiking is your dearest hobby, feel free to get in touch so we can talk about it.

Cooperations: for companies, product reviews, etc.

Yes I am open to work together with brands, but you should be an eco conscious, fair, sustainable, and maybe even plastic free delivery kind of brand;)  For cooperations feel free to contact me. info{at}

I am not interested in getting any products send to me without asking me before. I live a minimalistic, low waste, plastic reduced life, so I don’t care about free gifts.

If you think we would fit with the same interests and you are a sustainable, eco conscious brand then please get in touch with me before sending any kind of products. I am only taking stuff I really need or can gift to others after making a review, so please don’t just send anything without asking. 

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Please contact: info {at}​  if you use content from this site.

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