5 minute clean up

5 minute beach clean up

5 minute beach clean up

Have you heard about the project “5minute beach clean up” yet? It is an initiative to inspire people to make at least a 5 minute litter pick up when enjoying the beach. Then share your photo on social media with the #5minutebeachcleanup. 

Today has been one of those days where I couldn’t really stop picking up trash from the beach in Tallinn. There was just so much plastic around.
I normally just have one bag with me to fill, because I normally just pick up what I see walking by. But I couldn’t stop this time. I don’t know, it has been one of those days.

If you start with tiny (5 minutes) cleanups every day, you might find it hard to stop sometimes. Because if you are aware of the trash, you will see it everywhere. And in some places, its just too much to pick up just while you pass by.
You then need to make an agreement with yourself about how long you will do this or you will end up collecting trash the whole day. And you can’t save the planet all by yourself on one single day.

The normal find of a “litter picker”

I had “luck” today, because my boyfriend had an appointment on the phone. I could not say that I got bored, there’s been a lot of plastic, so I had enough to do. I found a few plastic bags too, so I could just fill them with all the other plastic trash, so I didn’t have to stop 😉
I found cigarette butts, single-use spoons, plastic cups, coffee cups, straws.
I found a tire (I couldn’t carry this one away though), a lot of wrapping plastics(chocolate, ice cream, snacks), single-use plastic bags for vegetables and fruits, bottle caps and a pringles/chips box. Styrofoam and a lid for a painting bucket, and much more.

Clean on first sight….

The old city of Tallinn is really clean and pretty, and the parks also (besides a few “normal” waste flying around like take away plastic cups and food wrapping).

But then I came to the beach, and yes, the plastic-situation is here too.
It’s not only on the islands of Thailand or Indonesia or somewhere else far away.
The plastic trash is everywhere.
It’s making the beach and the surroundings look like a plastic graveyard.

I felt sad when I saw all these human-made leftovers, but I knew I did what I could at that moment.
And who knows, maybe I did inspire some people to pick up some trash around them when lying on the beach. Or when children play in the sand building sand castles.
(Plastic on sand castles as decoration, when I was a kid we decorated with shells, stones, and wood)

You can also post your photos of your beach clean ups online with the hashtag #5minutebeachcleanup to share with everybody else.

And no this is not only for beaches, you can pick up litter on trails too. Or along a river.. Or in a park… Lead my example and show people that it is cool to clean up. They will join you eventually.

Have you done a 5 minute clean up before? And is it hard for you stop collecting trash sometimes?

Let me know in the comments.

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