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Best Travel Filter Bottle: Water To Go

The best travel filter bottle: With a water-to-go bottle you will have safe drinking water everywhere you go.

Healthy drinking water is one of the most important things we need.
So we need to buy water in plastic bottles when traveling Countries without safe drinking water from tap, or carry a lot of heavy water when going on a hike….? No, not if you get yourself a travel filter bottle. 
There are also some other great inventions out there tablets, UV purifier steripen**, etc…. 

I myself like it simple so I bought a Water-To-Go filter bottle**.  The best travel filter bottle I tried so far.
If you don’t feel safe with only the filter, you can boil the water for 4-5 minutes, cool down, fill into your filter bottle and if you like to make sure use a UV purifier too. (Read more about water treatment here).

Filter System

The water-to-to bottles come with a filter system, that filters 99.9% of all contaminants (Metals and Chemicals, Virus and Bacteria, Parasites and waterborne pathogens,…) out of fresh water (salt water is still not drinkable with this filter). That means you can drink from a waterfall when hiking, you can drink from a lake when on a long bike ride, you can drink from tap in Thailand… 

Saving money 

Not only can you be sure your water is fine, you will also save money this way.
You only need to buy the bottle once, and then you need a new filter every 2(for the 50ml bottle)/ every 3 month (for the 750ml bottle). Instead of buying 3 Liters of bottled water every day. If you would buy 3 bottles of 1 Liter single use water bottles daily in a 2 weeks holiday you will save 42 plastic bottles, if 1 Liter water costs you 1.30$ you would save 54,6$,  and if you know that each Liter of bottled water actually needs 3 Liter in the manufacturing progress you will also save 126 Liter of water! 

A water to go bottle would roughly cost you 3,50 for 2 weeks of water (3L/day). It even gets cheaper and cheaper after you used the bottle for a long time, because you don’t need to buy new bottles, you only need to change the filter.

If you are interested in buying a Water To Go bottle on their European website, use the Code HAPPY15 to get 15% off the bottle price (only already discounted products like the filter bundle not included).
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drinking from a waterfall
hiking at the Grand Canyon
drinking from a cenote in mexico

My personal experience with the water to go filter bottle

  • I hiked with my bottle in Canada and we drank from lakes, waterfalls and rivers. It’s been an awesome feeling to drink wild water, and it was great not to have to carry the heavy water bottles you normally need to carry.
  • We drove all day through the wilderness by car, and theres been always a lake to refill our bottles.
  • I also feel really safe with refilling my bottle at dodgy looking bathroom taps. In the National Park Motel in Canada the water looked yellowish, but we used our filter bottle and everything was fine.
Refilled everywhere-never got sick
  • On our roadtrip to Grand Canyon and Arizona they had bathroom taps with signs and hotel staff saying the tap water is no drinking water: well that information didn’t bother us, we safely drank water with our filter bottle.
  • We drank tap water in Mexico City with our Water-To-Go bottle. Tap water in Mexico is not safe to drink without a filter, so we happily refused a lot of single use plastic bottles with our Water-To-Go bottle and neither of us got sick in any way!
  • I also drank from a fresh water Cenote in Mexico.
  • A friend of mine traveled through south east asia with her bottle and had no health problems either.
  • You will find more tips how to refuse plastic bottles while traveling here.

10 Reasons why you should consider to get a Water To Go filter bottle too:

1) You will avoid heaps of plastic bottles while traveling (in 2 weeks, (3×1 Liter bottles a day: 42 bottles)

2) All parts of he Water To Go Bottle are BPA free.

3) The filter of the big bottle(750ml) is filtering 200 liters and will last 3 months.

4) And the filter of the smaller bottle (500ml) is filtering 130 liters and lasting 2 months.

5) You can drink from every fresh water source.

6)Save money: You will save money because you don’t need to buy overpriced bottled water anymore.

7) The 3-in-1 system in our filters was developed at the behest of NASA and they are constructed utilizing nano technology. 

8) Filters will become inefficient if used with additives such as isotonic powders, cordials, juices etc. The product is not recommended to filter urine for drinking purposes. Not useful for salt water either.

9) This filter membrane is biodegradable and all of the other parts are recyclable. (Just cut the filter off the plastic ends with a sharp scissor.) (Traveling through a country with no real recycling? Bring the old filter back home with you)

10) The 75cl black bottles are made of HDPE and the 50cl is PET Plastic. Both these plastics are specially chosen, developed and approved by FDA. Both bottles have been approved to be suitable for long term use by the Food and Beverage Association.

If you are looking for a reusable bottle without a filter take a look at glass or stainless steel bottles. (You could also purchase only a filter for your old bottle from the company lifestraw**)

Safe and Happy Travel and Happy Hiking! 🙂

This Blog Post is not sponsored and all of these opinions are my own.

Get your Water To Go bottle, and use the Code HAPPY15 to get 15% off the bottle price (only already discounted products like the filter bundle not included).
This code is only for working if you buy the bottles on the European site. 

If you live outside of the EU you can’t use the code but you can purchase a water to go bottle through Amazon, or google for a distributor in your country. 

refilling the water filter bottle from a lake
drinking from a lake in Canada
Always hydrated on hikes
safe drinking water from tap in Thailand
drinking safely from dodgy taps with this filter
drinking from a river with my water to go bottle
drinking water from a waterfall
drinking from a Cenote in Mexico with my filter bottle
drinking water from a cenote
no single use plastic bottles purchased in mexico
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