Hiking: clears your mind, makes fit and reconnects with nature

Let's go hiking

Hiking can be as easy as a long walk through the forest nearby or as challenging as a hike up the mountains in winter and snow.

What I like about hiking is that it is available for everyone! You don’t need to be a pro, or an extreme adventurer to go for a hike. The only thing you should do is invest in some good hiking shoes, a comfortable backpack, pack all the essentials, and make sure to know where you are going.

Connect with nature.

Why did we loose the connection to nature?

More and more people grow up in dense cities. 
In times of mobile phones, free wifi everywhere, bright advertising at night, sounds and noise everywhere, food delivery day and night, air pollution in cities, and our oh so busy life we are losing connection to our earth, to nature. 
It looks like we forgot that trees and the ocean are making it possible for us to breathe. That we are drinking water from nature. Where our food is growing… 

You can see that many people are disconnected to nature if you look around see that people leave behind their litter in parks, people who leave the path to step on protected plants just to take the next best instagram picture, kids who don’t know anymore where their food comes from.
People who go for a hike with loud music on speakers, or camping to have a great party in a national park, leaving their trash behind, burning plastic in the nightly fire….

When was the last time you have been for a hike or walk and have turned off your phone? To truly experience the nature around you? The sound, the colors, the smell, the feeling under your feet?

I like to promote hiking as part of a back to nature movement. But in a low impact kind of way.
We are visitors in nature, so we should behave like visitors too. What would we think of people who visit our home and then put their dirty shoes on the dinner table, destroy some furniture and break your nose? We would call the police and definitely not invite that person ever again…. 
I guess if mother earth could choose to do so, she would….

Leave no trace

This is  how we should travel through nature. With RESPECT!
Without leaving a trace.
Be mindful about our impact and respect our surroundings.

You can read more about those principles here-> Leave No Trace!

Benefits of hiking:

There are plenty of benefits of hiking, and I like to share my favorite ones with you:
1) Hiking is cheap
2) It can be simple
3) It is good for your body and mind
4) Being on a hike means being in the moment (if you leave the loudspeaker at home;)
5) Challenge yourself 

6) You can unplug and reconnect with nature.
7) Get some fresh air, daylight and movement

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