Beeswax wrap: the zero-waste alternative to plastic foil

The best way to refuse plastic foil? Use reusable wraps

This is a great environmental friendly alternative to plastic/aluminium foil. 

Plastic foil is not recyclable, and aluminium foil only if it is not soiled with food. Although Aluminium has a great recycling quote, the production of Aluminium is also very harmful for the environment. The recycling is cheaper than virgin aluminium, so the recycling quote is way better than plastic. 

The reusable wraps are made of natural fabrics and bees wax.

You can make them easily by yourself, or buy them in different organic stores, online shops or on Etsy. Reusable, eco friendly, washable, and much nicer to look at 😉
It makes a great eco friendly gift too.

You can even make your own wrap. (DIY Beeswax Wrap) If you use soy wax instead of beeswax you will have a vegan alternative too.

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I made my own beeswax wrap. I used an old T-shirt that I couldn’t fix anymore, and bought beeswax pellets in an organic store. If there is no such store in your area buy organic beeswax pellets online**

I made my own sandwich bag by treating a cotton bulk bag with beeswax wrap!!
Great to wrap cookie, bread, cut veggies, etc.
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