Hey and welcome to TheHappyChoices

My Name is Jule and I am the founder of this website.

I was born in the western part of Berlin, but grew up on the country side of northern Germany, close to the Baltic sea. I always loved to be outside, always been an Ocean girl, and since a couple of years I enjoy being in the mountains more and more.

TheHappyChoices.com is a place for eco-friendly outdoor loving people.

We won’t feature extreme outdoor adventures, we are writing for everyday people. Hikers, Backpackers, Camper, Beachies,  Paddelers. And everyone else who like to enjoy being in nature while trying to lower their impact.

With the right information and gear and a “reusable-bag” full of inspirations we like to give you advice and useful tips and tricks to simplify your outdoor adventure planning.

Living and hiking/traveling low-waste (single-use-plastic free) since 2017, I do have all the hacks and tips for you how you can enjoy your adventures with producing less waste and lowering your everyday impact.

I started this blog by sharing my zero-waste experiences but my passion about nature and hiking was stronger, so I decided to focus more on this topic while still sharing on how to do so low-waste and more eco-friendly.

From biodegradable soap, reusable wax-bags, to bulk snacks and sustainable outdoor brands, you will find everything you need to know if interested in a more sustainable lifestyle.

If you have never heard about or are new to the topic Zero-Waste/Low-Waste feel free to check my low-waste blog posts or join my Free Email Crash Course about how to reduce plastic in your home.

Hiking Austria
Hiking in Austria
Hiking in Croatia
Hiking in Arizona
Refilling my filter bottle from lakes
Hiking on the Island Guadeloupe
Zero-Waste hiking snacks
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