About me

My Name is Jule. I was born in the western part of Berlin, but grew up on the country side of northern Germany, close to the baltic sea. 
I have always been a nature and animal friend. I loved to be at the ocean and in the water since I was a kid and I stopped eating meat when I was 10 years old.

I started running when I was 18 and with a few breaks in between I always came back on track after a short while. 

I also gained 15KG/33pounds by eating too much from the wrong food, and stopped a regular fitness routine when I ran my own business (a cafe) and then I lost 17KG/38pounds by eating the right food (besides vegetarian, I added dairy free, lower carb) and came back to a regular fitness routine. 

I like to travel and try to do so as responsible as possible, by choosing the happy choices. Choosing the train or bus when possible, refusing single use plastic, doing beach clean ups, supporting local small businesses….etc…

Bali Beach
Plastic Pollution on a Beach on Bali
Beach Clean up Playa del carmen mexico
Beach clean up in Mexico
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