About me

My Name is Jule. I was born in the western part of Berlin, but grew up on the country side of northern Germany, close to the baltic sea. 
I have always been a nature and animal friend. I loved to be at the ocean and in the water since I was a kid. I stopped eating meat when I was 10 years told and I grew up with bringing my reusable shopping bag to the stores. Tried to buy organic whenever I could afford it.

But it took a while until I became aware about plastic.
When I went traveling for several months 2015-2016 I got hit hard by the plastic pollution. And I am aware and sick and tired of plastic since then.

  • In Bangkok I have seen goannas swimming through plastic bags.
  • I´ve seen the sadness of plastic polluted beaches on Bali.
  • I have seen sea gulls eating plastic.
  • I witnessed the craze about single use plastic in the US (even hotels serve breakfast with single use plates, cups, cutlery…) and every other country too.

I started to pick up some trash in Malaysia when I was running on the beach, because I realized:

If this makes me sad and angry I need to do something, and if its just the removing of the litter around me!”

Bali Beach
Plastic Pollution on a Beach on Bali
Beach Clean up Playa del carmen mexico
Beach clean up in Mexico

What happened next….

Since then I educated myself more and more about plastic, recycling, marine litter.. I joined the “plastic free july challenge” in 2017,  I even joined an online course about marine litter (mooc). I wanted to know more so I could educate myself and other people. Not in a mad and angry, but in an informative way.

And I know the problem is not only in Asia, it´s everywhere where people are. Even though we have a good recycling system in Germany, we still have problems, and not all of our plastic is actually getting recycled. They actually say that the amount of garbage is rising in countries where they recycle and where they have enough money.

We buy more and think the garbage problem is solved because we are recycling. Out of sight, out of mind. Somebody will take care about it.

I know it´s our responsibility to do something. All of us call mother earth our home. So lets give something back and don´t destroy it.

So what I am doing:

I started this website to inspire people to get started with a more sustainable lifestyle that is healthier for you and the planet.

For me, to be happy means also that my surrounding is healthy and happy. That I can live in a clean environment. That I can enjoy a clean beach. A clean forest. Hear birds sing and bees summ.

Its not done with: “I feel good, I look good, I’ve got the newest fashion, why should I care” or saying: “nobody else cares, why should I”.

​When did we lose the connection and understanding that we actually need this planet to survive?

We only have one earth! Its not only your home, its my home, our home! The ocean connects the whole world. Plastic that got littered somewhere in Asia can easily end up on a beach in Hawaii.

Don´t you want to keep YOUR Home, mother earth, healthy and beautiful?

I want to show you simple tipps how you can make changes in your daily life, I will write about important informations you need to know, so you can help to spread the word. It´s not about becoming 100% waste and plastic free from day one (it is wonderful though if you can), it’s about reducing as much as you can!

To think about what actually can get recycled, to think about what you can reuse or donate rather than throw it away. Its also about stopping the waste of food.

​I want to inspire people to inspire others. Spread the word, make changes, and open the eyes of others how to make changes in the daily life.

The Problem I Face

Our planet is awesome (not the problem) and because it is so awesome and some places/cities/islands attracts millions of people every year to enjoy its beauty and nature.

Many Countries or tropical Islands don’t have the structure and resources to keep up with the increasing demand for nature.  This places a heavy burden on many places and however infinite and indestructible they may seem, they need to be nurtured and cared for.

The so called developed countries consume too much and can’t take care off their own trash so they send it to undeveloped countries to take care of it. That doesn’t mean our plastic will get recycled or is safe, so we have a responsibility too, even though it looks like the biggest pollution problem is always “somewhere else”.

The Solution

It’s twofold.

  1. We need to raise awareness about pollution and plastic. Thats what I am trying to do with my Website and social media. We need to stop single use plastic at the source.
  2. And then secondly we need to get the plastic that’s already out there out of our nature.

If we only do clean ups but won’t stop producing and using plastic we will just continue to do clean up’s and not much will change, so we need to do both! 

I am partnering with some brands and I am using Affiliates from plastic free online shops, or other shops to earn some money so I can either organize Clean ups myself, or I will support organizations that do clean ups or coral recreation, environmental education, etc.

How that works:
  1. I will recommend or promote products from plastic free shops, or natural organic cosmetic products, or products that will help you to refuse single use plastic. If you order something with an affiliate link I will get a small commission from the shops (you are not paying anything extra) and a portion of every commission I get (a portion of every purchase you make) will go to an Happy Choices beach clean up, or an active project or organization that takes care of marine life/our oceans. 
  2. I actually get out there and do something about the plastic issue.  I want to use the power of social media to promote volunteerism and responsible travel and outdoor recreation.  I want to support organizations I want to get out there and make a difference. As we grow so will our reach and ultimately our impact on keeping the planet beautiful.  We all play a role, and if you don’t know what yours is don’t worry, read on!
My job:  
  1. Create informative posts to inspire people to quit plastic.
  2. Do clean ups and organize bigger clean ups in the future.
  3. Form partnerships with organizations that I feel are worthy recipients of our time and money.
  4. Workshops and talks to spread informations, plastic alternatives and other ideas.
Your job:
  1. Buy something from the links on my blog or in my “shop”! (And no I don’t mean you should buy just stuff that you don’t need, but long lasting products made of great materials, or something you really need or would buy anyway, or need regularly e.g. bamboo toothbrush, soap, etc….) I will use a portion of every sale to host clean up events.  It’s hard work. It’s real impact. 
  2. Join me! I will announce group clean ups, and meet ups in the future to promote responsible and awesome outdoor recreation, responsible travel and plastic free living.
  3. Share the message! Help spread the word by using #thehappychoices on all your social platforms.
  4. Clean up your community! On your next outdoor adventure or beach day bring a trash bag with you and fill it with the trash you see along the way.

Last but not least I just want to say thank you.  

Thank you for supporting our planet.  Thank you for caring.  Thank you for taking action.  I love what I do, I love the wilderness and beaches, and I love our community. 

Like Margret Mead said: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only things that ever has.” (Margret Mead has been a cultural anthopologist and she argued that social behavior was formable and culture-oriented.)

If you want to follow my journey, sign up for free to my newsletter or follow and connect  facebook and  Instagram.

Keep smiling and make some daily happy choices.

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