8 awesome Christmas gifts for your outdoor loving friends

While it is easy to find gifts for outdoor newbies, some of us outdoor peeps are already perfectly geared up. But there is still something special you can find to make us happy and get us something that makes us even enjoy our hobby a little more.

So let’s take a look if we can find a few nice to have, useful Christmas gifts and maybe even some that are sustainably made!?

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Warm blanket made from recycled wool

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This awesome warm blanket is made from recycled materials that would otherwise have ended on landfills.

70% recycled wool, 30% recycled other materials.

Approx. 150x175cm and 8cm fringe at each side.

They have different colors available in their shop.

Stainless steel thermo cup or water bottle

A  thermo cup is not only great to bring with you when hiking but it also helps to prevent a lot of disposable cups in your daily life! 
So if you have a friend who loves to drink coffee, to bring hot drinks on a hike or loves to have coffee to go,  cup is the perfect gift! 

The ones I recommend are always made from stainless steel. And should have a BPA free or even Stainless Steel lid.

You can choose between different sizes, colors and brands. Thermo or non thermo. 
Most of the thermo cups keep drinks hot for 8-10 hours and cold for up to 24-30 hours.

Icebreaker Oasis Base Layer Shirt

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Perfect gift for outdoorsy and active friends. 
A base layer shirt made from sustainable harvested merino wool.

It is a durable pice that will comfort your friends (or yourself) for many years (if treated properly).

100% wool, super soft and breathable. 
Because it is wool you can wear it several times between washes. Odor free.
And no plastic micro fiber getting washed down the drain when you wash it.



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If a friends just get’s into winter hiking or moving to a very snowy city snowshoes or crampons could make a great gift and even showing you care about their health 😉 

Crampons will help to stay save on icy surfaces.

Check the different styles and sizes and if your friend might need one for normal walks, hikes or real mountaineering**.

Arc'teryx Buff

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Nice to have on a cold, windy autumn/winter day. A buff/neck gaiter to keep warm.

These are made from 95% merino wool and 5% spandex.


Goal Zero Nomad 7 solar panel

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The Nomad 7 will directly charge most USB and 12V devices (not tablets). Most USB devices, including: Cell phone, smart phone, GPS, MP3 player.

 Weather resistant. Just hang it on your backpack during the day while hiking so it can get recharged from the sun.

Check all of their products to find the right one for you or your friends.

Mini Camping Espresso Machine

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The perfect gift for friends who don’t want to miss a great cup of coffee when outside and camping.

This Mini Espresso machine is manually operated. No need to carry air or N2O cartridges with you.

Make sure to get one without needing single use aluminium capsules (so much trash involved). You only need (organic, fair;) ground coffee (and water of corse;) for this one here.


Bamboo Sunglasses from RawWood

Check reviews on Amazon

Bamboo frame. Composite lens, polarized.

Since these frames are hand made with 100% bamboo, every pair is very unique as is the bamboo they’re made from.

RawWood** is planting a tree for every pair purchased through their partnership with Trees for the Future!

Or maybe do it different from time to time:

We do live in a very consume oriented time…. But must it really be a gift every time? Must we buy something special, something expensive, something wrapped in extensive packaging to make somebody happy? 

Maybe you’ll find something special and unique in a thrift store, maybe think about just gifting a self cooked dinner for your family.

Give your time to spend quality time together.

You could go for a winter hike plus self-made picnic.

Or gift a spa experience.


If you will look back on your life when older you most likely won’t be saying: oh this was one of the best days of my life because I got “this or that”, you will look back saying: This was one of my best days because I spent time together with my family and loved ones…

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