26 mother’s day gift ideas

26 eco-friendly mother’s day gift ideas

It is Mothers day soon. (at least in some countries;)
Do you still need some mother’s day gift ideas?

Like valentines day, easter, Christmas, birthday it’s another day where a lot of people spend a lot of money for a lot of gifts to show some love. Including a lot of waste and more gifts than love mostly.

The gift itself might come in a package, theres another gift wrapper around (mostly single used), then maybe a ribbon, a card in an envelope and when you bought it it has most likely been in a plastic wrap too…
Flowers mostly grown unsustainably in a different part of the world, wrapped in plastic…
Chocolate in packaging plus plastic wrap… 

We can do better 🙂 and we can do it even more personal, maybe self made and with a huge portion of love.
Because you can’t buy love and happiness in a store!

Let me show you my favorite 26 mother’s day gift ideas.

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Green, healthy, happy mother’s day gift ideas 🙂

1) A miniature herb garden for the balcony or windowsill.

2) Bath bombs made of natural materials.

3) A nice smelling body oil. Make one yourself. You only need oil (coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil,… and mix with a few drops of her favorite essential oil.)

4) Essential oils for self made cleaning products, body oils or an essential oil diffuser.

5) Natural cosmetics like Weleda or Elate.

6) A self made body scrub.

7) Before you buy flowers in a store, check if you can pick some fresh. Out of your own garden or from a friend, wild flowers, or on a self picking flower farm (we have these self picking spots a lot in Germany, don’t know about other countries though. Do you have them around where you live?)

8) Bake her favorite cake! No need for a plastic container packaged cake from the store.

9) A nice smelling natural soap bar or shampoo bar.

10) Buy her favorite chocolate in a Chocolaterie/ Pralinerie where you can bring your own container or jar. Or buy some fair trade or vegan Chocolate in paper and aluminium packaging.

Eco-friendly and helpful mother’s day gift ideas

11) Some nice reusable shopping bags.

12) Some nice cloth bags/mesh produce bags. Selfmade would be even better 🙂

13) Reusable Bamboo Cloths for the kitchen.

14) Gift cards from friendly local shops/businesses.

15) If your mom is still doing a lot of outdoor stuff maybe a beautiful reusable bottle would be a great idea.

16) A nice cotton beach towel.

17) Self made cooking Oil with rosemary, garlic, chili, whatever her favorite taste is.

Eco-friendly mother’s day gift ideas if your mom has a garden or balcony

18) Spring bulbs. Get some spring bulbs for summer flowers. Mothers day is always in spring, so perfect to plant some bulbs that can be planted in spring.

19) Handcrafted, upcycled bird feeder or insect “hotels”

20) A compost bin. (You can build one yourself or buy one*.)

21) A tree. You could plant a tree together. Choose her favorite. Or a special one with colored leaves. Or a berry bush 🙂

22) A table or bench made out of recycled materials could be nice too. Or a table with a colorful mosaic made of beach plastics.

Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash


Spending some time together is always my favorite gift.

21) Plan a zero waste picknick with some healthy food, plastic free snacks, (like homemade energy balls or a vegan bounty) etc.

22) If your mom likes hiking go together. Or maybe a bike or kayak tour is the right thing for your mom.

23) A trip to the cinema.

24) Cook a 3 meal dinner for your mom or together with your mom. Maybe try my vegan burger recipe.

25) A handcrafted mother’s day card made of recycled materials.

26) A spa day.

Decorations and gift wrapping

If you invite your mom or you want to decorate the table at her home you can make that eco friendly too, same thing with the gift wrapping:

  • Use old news paper to wrap gifts, or reuse gift wrapping from gifts you received.
  • Use plastic free tape or use no tape at all, go for natural twine.
  • Use washable cotton napkins instead of single use paper ones.
  • Decorate with natural materials instead of plastic (flowers in a pot, wood, moss,…)
  • Refuse balloons. You will find alternatives for parties here-> Balloons Blow
  • Nice ceramic cups and glasses instead of plastic cups.
  • If you plan a picknick you can easily carry some reusables with you too and pack the snacks into reusable containers and jars.

These tips are good for every kind of party. Think reusable, think natural and have a great day with your loved ones.

Feel free to share your favorite mothers day gift ideas in the comments!

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