Gifts for hikers: 21 ideas for hikers and outdoor fans

Gift Ideas for hikers

Here we go, a few inspirations for gifts for hikers and outdoor lovers:

Sometimes it is easy to find gifts for people with a hobby or passion and sometimes it is hard because they might have everything already 😀 

I still have some ideas and tips and maybe you’ll find something for a friend and outdoor lover.

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Solar emergency flashlight*

Perfect for hiking and other outdoor adventures. This dynamo flashlight* is solar powered and hand cranked so you don’t need to depend on external power.

Solar Charger*

For all of the hikers that like to be out in the wild with no excess to a power outlet but still want to feel safe with a charged phone or GPS in their pocket. A solar powered charger*!

Garmin Vivoactive*

A great watch for those who like to track their activities. Great for hiker, runner, biker. Wrist heart tech, GPS, smartwatch with a touchscreen and up to 8 day’s batterie life. 

Survival bracelet*

A bracelet* with 5 survival gear essentials for adventurer in one. Fire starter, compass, emergency whistle, emergency knife, and 12 feet paracord (military grade).


A must have if you walk in the dark and use walking sticks. Hands free but light on the track. A headlamp* with rechargeable batteries.

Rechargeable hand warmer*

A perfect Christmas gift for your cold handed friends. A rechargeable hand warmer* that can also charge phones. A rechargeable one also reduces single use trash…

Hiking-Outdoor Equipment:

Lightweight hammock*

Lightweight parachute hammock*. Perfect to bring on a hiking weekend. It has almost the size of a grapefruit when packed. Very lightweight and durable material.

Hiking backpack- Vaude*

Everybody needs a good backpack. So how about a sustainable produced backpack as a gift? Make sure though that the backpack fits perfectly.

Warm hiking socks*

Smartwool socks* are made from sustainable merino wool. Merino wool is warm and will leave your feet dry while hiking.

Collapsible trekking poles*

For hiking, nordic walking, snow hiking, lightweight, collapsible trekking poles* are a great help. A great gift for outdoor fans.

Cook ware*

Awesome lightweight, durable cooking set for backpacker/camper. (incl. 1Pot, 1 pan, 2 reusable bowls, 1wooden spatula, a spork, 1 soup spoon, cleaning sponge & travel bag.)

Filter Bottle*

A filter bottle that filters 99.999% of all contaminants. You can drink straight from any lake/waterfall/tap without worrying about bacterias, viruses, metals, etc…I can recommend Life Straw* or Water-To-Go*. If you purchase from Water-To-Go Europe, I have a 15% discount for you if you use the code `HAPPY15`

Lightweight plate*

The unbreakable stainless steel plate. Lightweight and toxic free gift idea for camper, hiker and summer outdoor picnic fans.

Lightweight camping chair*

Lightweight, portable camping chair*. Perfect for all kind of outdoor activities: camping, festivals, a day at the beach.

Multi tool*

Stainless steel multi tool* for outdoor adventurer.
11 tools in one, for every situation you can imagine.


National geographic book about national parks*

This comprehensive travel guide to  trails, recreational areas, hikes, camping and campgrounds is for everyone who loves outdoor recreation. It’s an ultimate travel planner for all things including detailed maps,  facts on the location of the park system properties, as well as the best times to visit.

Biodegradable soap*


If you, or one of your friends like to take outdoor showers or wash in wild water, you should think about a non toxic, biodegradable natural soap like this one from the shop*.
So you can enjoy the wild waters while no toxins, no chemicals, no micro plastic harm wildlife in rivers, oceans, lakes.

Lip balm*


If you ever hiked in windy, cold weather you know how dry your lips get and how awful that feels, With a good lip balm you will have less of that problem. Try this one from the shop * or even consider make your own*. That would be an awesome gift too.

Gift ideas for friends who hikes with dogs:

Water bottle+bowl for dogs*

A water bottle for your dog*. A must have if you hike with a dog in a hot climate where you might not find water sources in the wild.

Safety lights for dogs*

Walking/running at night is dangerous if you don’t have any lights on you, so it is dangerous for your dog too. These lights can get easily get clicked to the dogs collar or back pack to make it a safe night walk..

Backpack for dogs*

If you are looking for a great gift for dog hiker, this is one good idea. A dog needs food, water, etc. so it might be a good idea to let him carry his stuff in his own back pack* so that the backpack for your friend get’s lighter.

Experience/quality time over things:

Or instead of a material gift: make it an experience gift 🙂
So instead of buying things, invite your favorite person to a hiking holiday/weekend; a canoe trip. Go stand up paddle boarding together, etc.

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