10 best things to do in Poznan

10 best things to do in Poznan

While making our way from Berlin to Riga (Latvia) by bus, we wanted to travel slow and without hassle, so we decided to make 3 stops along the way. Poznan (Poland), Warsaw (Poland) and Vilnius/Wilna (Lithuania).

Poznan is only a 3.5 hours drive by bus from Berlin, you can also take a train if you like. (Check my favorite travel snacks here)
We decided to take the bus this time, booked by Flixbus, payed our Carbonoffset by Atmosfair and enjoyed 2 nights/1.5 days exploring Poznan. 

We enjoyed great vegan and vegetarian food, explored a park in the rain and witnessed the famous angry goats at noon….

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Old market square poznan

Best 10 things to do in Poznan

1) Old town market square

So many European Cities have beautiful market squares and old towns, so does Poznan.

Almost a perfect square and such colorful buildings, makes it a beautiful place to walk around, or get some food.

Market square Poznan
Poznan Old Market Square

2) Have breakfast in a small local cafe

Instead of having breakfast at the hotel buffet, think about enjoying a breakfast in town in a small local owned cafe.
We enjoyed our breakfast at a place called Jaglana, very close to the market square (and yes we went back there for our second breakfast too;)

Breakfast Jaglana Poznan
Breakfast at Jaglana Poznan

2) Angry goats at noon

You should plan to be around the market square at noon! After the clock strikes 12 times at noon you will see two goats at the town hall (Museum of history) butting their heads 12 times while somebody is playing the trumpet. 
They are doing this since 1551 and I guess this is one of Poznans greatest tourist attraction 😉 although I must admit it was rather under- than overwhelming experience, but it was very fun to see.

(You can read the whole story about the angry goats on Wikipedia)

Old town market square poznan
The town hall, where you can see the angry goats
Old town Poznan
Paris Tours

3) The Cytadela Park around the Fort

In every Polish city we were so far, they had great public parks. In Poznan the one we visited is called Cytaleda Park and is located around a former Fort. Many art things to explore around the park, an old theater, a rosarium and more. When we went there it was raining, so we didn’t have the chance to sit somewhere to relax, but I feel like it is a great place to enjoy in summer too.

(Don’t buy a single use raincoat when traveling, if you know you travel in Autumn/winter bring a small umbrella -also great as sun protection in summer- or lightweight raincoat)

Cytadel Park Poznan
Rosarium in the rain Poznan

4) Eat a St Martins Croissant

The St Martins Croissant is a special croissant you can only find in this area of Poland! It is legally protected in the EU, so you can only buy them here. 

They have a croissant museum here too, where you even can learn how to make those croissants. I didn’t have the time, so I just went to buy one in one of the small shops in the pedestrian street.

Saint Martins Croissant Poznan
Sint Martins Croissant (in my own container)

5) Vegan Burger for Dinner

Happy to see that vegan places pop up everywhere. In Poznan too. So we decided to go for a vegan Burger place for dinner on our second night. 

We didn’t get dissapointed.

No single use items, (they even had stainless steel straws!!!! First time in ages that I actually ordered a cold drink in a restaurant because I knew I won’t get a plastic straw). They have a great variation of burgers, yummy fries, great milkshakes and nice interior. What else do a person need 😉 ?

(find directions and menu here: Byczyn)

Vegan milkshake Byczyn Poznan
Vegan Burger Byczyn Poznan

6) Try some Pierogi

Pierogi is a famous Polish dish and there are vegan and vegetarian options in many Restaurants. (Just remember to check if they have your preferred version before you get seated).

One of the Pierogi places with vegan options sadly only served single use plates and cutlery so I didn’t go this time.
(I had my first and best (vegan) Pierogi in Krakow last year.)

7) Church-sightseeing

If you like to do church-sightseeing, a lot of polish cities could be interesting for you. They all have many churches to visit. So has Poznan. 

8) Visit Poznan’s Shopping Center/Old Brewery – Stary Browar

The old Brewery is beautiful from the outside and inside. It is a shopping center and art  gallery.
Even if you don’t want to shop (like me) it is a great place just to look around.

9) Go for a run (or walk) along the river Warta

If you are like me, your running gear always travels with you. And whats better than doing a little Sightseeing or exploring the early mornings in your running shoes in a new City?

Our Hotel was very close to the River so I decided to go for a run along the river front in Poznan. Great choice. The sky was pink, it was quiet and the path along the river was great for a run.

If you don’t like to run, it is nice to go for a walk there too 😉

Running along the river Warta
Running along the river Poznan

10) Try a polish donut (pączek)

No Poland visit without a pączek! I know I know, they are fatty and sweet and full of calories, but oh so delicious. You will find a lot of places where you actually can see that they are making them fresh! So don’t buy them in the supermarket, but in a small shop in town.
(I brought my own container to refuse the packaging because I know that some shops only pack them into sturdy single use plastic boxes. But a lot of them use paper bags.)

Have you been to Poznan already? What was your favorite place to eat and explore?

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