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The Happy Choices. What are these exactly? 

Happy Choices for me are choices that make me and my surroundings happy. By surroundings I mean family, friends and the environment.

A Happy Choice is to get outside and reconnect with nature by hiking, biking, running, walking, kayaking, etc.

A Happy Choice in life could be: finding a sport that you like. Running, swimming, biking, etc… Moving is important to keep fit and healthy. 

A Happy Choice could be: quitting single use plastic, and reducing your waste. For the environment but it also feels good and looks much better in your trolley and at home.

A Happy Choice could be: travel to see the world, but try and travel a little more responsible. E.g. book a holiday apartment from a local rather than a holiday in an all inclusive resort. Better for the environment (all inclusive resorts have a huge impact) and you can support locals.

Another Happy Choice could be: eating healthier, lower carb or quitting or reducing to eat meat. For your own health, for the animals and for the environment.

A Happy Choice could also be: saving some money to buy sustainable fashion, rather than buying cheap fast fashion over and over again…

Who is writing here:

My name is Jule. I was born in Berlin, but grown up on the country side of northern Germany, close to the baltic sea. I have always been a nature and animal friend and loved to be at the ocean and in the water since I was a kid.

Running since 1998, I finished 6 half and 3 full marathons, a couple 5k,10,15k runs and I finished a 100k walk in 24 hours.

In the last few years I see more and more plastic pollution everywhere in the world. Traveling South East Asia for a few month made me realize how bad it actually is and made me think about our plastic habits.

Since end  of 2016 I live more responsible when it comes to my trash, and since July 2017 I live and travel single use plastic free, because that’s what I can change, starting today. I can vote with my money, but I can’t change what others do.
What I can do today is that I can change and control what I buy and consume.

On my blog I like to share my progress, my experiences and hope I can inspire some of you to try to reduce their plastic/trash footprint in the daily life and while traveling, being outdoors. I also hope to inspire to get out there and get moving. Wether it’s running, hiking, walking, swimming, biking…. find your favorite!

Getting ready for a 10k run when we lived in Tallinn, Estonia
Very Happy after a marathon in Berlin.

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