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You are interested in quitting plastic, in healthy home-made food and responsible hiking and travel?

Perfect 🙂 Because on this Website it is all about getting rid of plastics in your daily life, about natural and healthy food and about more sustainable choices in your daily life, at home and while traveling.

Who is writing here:

Hey my name is Jule. I was born in Berlin, but grown up on the country side of northern Germany, close to the baltic sea. I have always been a nature and animal friend and loved to be at the ocean and in the water since I was a kid.

In the last few years I see more and more plastic pollution everywhere in the world. Traveling South East Asia for a few month made me realize how bad it actually is and made me think about our plastic habits.

Since end  of 2016 I live more responsible when it comes to my trash, and since July 2017 I live and travel single use plastic free, because that’s what I can change, starting today. I can vote with my money, but I can’t change what others do.
What I can do today is that I can change and control what I buy and consume.

On my blog I like to share my progress, my experiences and hope I can inspire some of you to try to reduce their plastic/trash footprint in the daily life and while traveling, being outdoors.

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